30 Apr After years of promising a Mental Ray tutorial I’m finally getting around to it! 3DS Max before jumping to 3rd party render engines and plug-ins. We’ll be rendering this cool exterior shot of the always classy ’81 Delorean. 14 Jun fellow cg pipol, i’ve been searching the net for quite some time now for an exterior rendering tutorial using 3dsmax mental ray. all tutorials i’ve. 31 Aug An in-depth maya Exterior render tutorial using Mental Ray: another free maya For this first step we need something very light, a heavy scene can .. great tutorial. even tho i am using 3ds max , mental ray i finally got.

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Use this parameter to give a more realistic appeal to the overall environment, I dislike extreme parameters 0 and Higher values will soften Sun’s shadows. Have properly set up lights, materials lightjng environment?

We want just the shadows so that the car will comp nicely ontop of the plate in After Effects. This is the thing of render nightmares as 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial is not so easily fixed as you might imagine and can result in lots of cursing and hair pulling. Great tutorial, explains everything in great detail. But I ligyting maya over any other software. I’m working hard on too many projects! Turn on your desired render elements, select where to save your files being sure to use the OpenEXR format for output.

By the time you complete this tutorial, you will be much better prepared to overcome many of the common challenges faces when rendering an outdoor environment in 3ds Max. rzy

Hi Rahro, any 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial has its pros and cons! Hi guys, sorry for the late. This step is crucial. Let’s take a look at the controls that I tweak in the most ligting the cases when working on exterior render scenes. HDRI Rotation seems to match up pretty well now in terms of both the reflection and the direction of the shadow cast.


So go ahead and download my Delorean Material Library here. But you are free to find your own approach. Notify me of follow-up comments.

Thanx a lot for this great tuto. Push the limits of what’s possible. Add comment Name required E-mail required, but will not display Website.

I’ll have to give this up I guess. Exterior render scenes are one of the most difficult challenge for a 3D graphic Artist, that’s because not just for its complexity but also because of its weight in power calculation therms.

Note there is a subtle brushing texture controlling both the Diffuse and Reflection Color. Activate ambient occlusion to add some contact-contrast.

Intro to Photo-real Rendering with 3DS Max and Mental Ray | Infusion Studios

Let’s take a deeper look lghting them Maya exterior render, Mental Ray Exterior. Too bad, I tried for a long time. I correct it very little to avoid unnatural effects expecially in the sky. Hope to make all this stuff soon!

By simply rotating the sunDirection light you can change the time of msx day. I kept the main building and a small number of proxy trees those wireframed cubesjust to give a starting sense to my exterior scene. Be sure to launch you final renders with Mental Ray High Quality render settings and high resolutionthen make some adjustments in post production.

3ds Max Lighting and Rendering – Simulating Exterior Lighting

This is the extefior why professional landscape photographers try to take their pictures just when 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial sky dome light contribution is higher than the sun power. For this first step we need something very light, a heavy scene can drammatically increase your working time You should 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial up with something like this.


If you are looking for a deep explanation of every single attribute and connection please refer to some technical sheet. Mental Ray Sun and Sky is the fastest and powerfull way to enlight you exterior renders in Maya, so I hope you will spend much time to learn how master all its features.

The more this value, the more visible will be the sun disk. If you hit render you should get something of horrible like that:. This looks really good, thanks for the tutorial! Lightinb will wait patiently for it! A positive value will add some light, a negative value will make your blacks deeper. What makes the Physical Sky Dome a soft light source lies in it’s nature: Up the Quality of the Unified Sampler? After assigning the first HDR material standard — bitmapit will NOT allow itself to be dropped into any object or the skylight box.

I have a couple variations on this with different amounts of glossiness, reflectivity and IOR, but they are basically the same material. You could have a black diffuse and uncheck Metal, your choice.

Exterior Rendering Techniques with mental ray and 3ds Max

Go with a bump map to enhance the level of detail. This is a basic Semigloss Plastic. Assigning 3xs base 3ds max mental ray exterior lighting tutorial to the whole scene maz help us creating and tuning the overall light setup. By doing this you have a reliable starting point for creating photo-real renders. I usually make a base grass carpet and then I place the other plants. I’d like to check out those AE comps but can’t find the download.

Hope to have the full tutorial for the first weeks of july.