ABDALLAH LAROUI (b. ) is a Moroccan historian and political theorist who has written widely on Arab affairs. He studied in the Colleges musulmans. About Abdallah Laroui: عبد الله العرويAbdallah Laroui (born , in Azemmour ) (Arabic: عبدالله العروي) is a Moroccan historian and novelist writing i. 19 Jan Rabat – To solve the debate on inheritance in Morocco, historian and intellectual, Abdallah Laroui believes that establishing wills should be.

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Abdallah laroui affirms categorically that such and such Western value-system, be it liberalism, rationalism, humanism, etc. I am conscious, as well, that abdallah laroui clearly defined concept leads me to illuminate some things and hide others, so I stay necessarily within the circle of the concept. Learn more about citation styles Citation abdallah laroui Encyclopedia. Afaq magazine Methodology With respect to the theoretical side of his thought, professor Laroui, while dealing with problems of contemporary Arabic thought, is essentially concerned with the question of the method.

Part 3, Lebanon and Jordan. This applies in particular to defamatory, racist, personal, or abdalkah comments or comments written in dialects or languages other than English. ladoui

Laroui, Abdallah (–) |

However, it was in fact Europeans who took anti-Semitism to the Arab world larpui abdallah laroui first place. This “described’ I deal with it from two sides: Historical photographs of Iran Into the heart of Shia. The collapse of the Berlin wall was not due to the policy of containment, blockade, propaganda as much as to a wise policy of easy term loans, free trade and enhanced cultural exchanges. Instead, I studied the abdallah laroui ideologies in the Arab world since one abdallah laroui or more, and I classified it and concluded from each one its structure.

Laroui is quoted as saying: After an in-depth study of abdallah laroui Egyptian experience, enriched by his deep readings of the literature of the Abdallah laroui National Movement as expressed in the writings of Allal Al- Fassi and Mohammad hassanLaroui’s project appeared comprehensive and critical.

The Arabic translation of the book abdallah laroui appeared on from Alhaqeqa publishing house. Khalifa Haftar’s role in the Libyan abdallah laroui war The fight against political Islam Longest and Shortest Fasting Hours Worldwide. Skip to main content. The second obstacle, in his view, is the belief – of Arab intellectuals – that it is possible to abdallah laroui into postmodernism by surpassing modernism, or taking a critical stance from it. Stefan Weidner on the future of the West Next-level cosmopolitanism.


For Laroui, intellectual Marxism is the easiest and clearest way to grasp the analytical logic of historicism or the workings of history.

When it comes to the Arabic future, with respect to the conditions of its transformation to the state of laeoui, Laroui introduces a general conception. Abdallah Laroui has always been abdallah laroui of the people who advocated a break with the spiritual heritage of the Arab world and saw the values of Western modernity as the basis of a rational humanity.

All that hinders democracy abdallah laroui asserting the sovereignty of the people the living people not the people of the dead hinders modernization. In the post era, his critique of Arab culture encouraged Arab intellectuals to question larpui nature of the Arab nation-state and to find it parochial and inauthentic.

Can it be explained by wbdallah abdallah laroui of abdallah laroui sacred to the political realm, which the Arab world is experiencing in such a forceful way in the wake of the upheavals of the Arab Spring? Newest Most Read Most Comments.

For Laroui, there are several obstacles for modernizing contemporary Arabic societies. However, Laroui’s futuristic and realistic position supports implicitly isolation or abdallah laroui separation of Moroccoculturally, from its Arabic context, and may be strengthens its relation to Europe. History is related to methodology as a human science, and to reality with respect to its subject of study. Subscribe to our abdallah laroui.

Abdallah Laroui honoured as Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s Cultural Personality of the Year

It is the only justification to our judgment on fundamentalism and technocratic liberalism as superficial and on Marxism as the critical theory abdallah laroui the modernist West, the clear and rational theory abdallah laroui is useful for us in the historical era in which we live. We call, today, for modernism from abdallah laroui portals, the portal of the state, the portal of the civil society, abdallah laroui the portal of political parties, and others. The right not to fast during Ramadan Tunisians call on the Constitution We analyze those abdallah laroui and discuss it not only to reach a clear understanding and definite meaning of it, but also because we belief that the success of the Arabic development is constrained by this clearness and that definition.


It is laroiu, which is related to one of the components of modernity. It is easy to respond: Centrale Danone Building in Mohammedia on Abdallah laroui. On the practical level, the basic mechanism, through which transformation toward the modernist state, should go through is to start to construct the modern state. I continue then the same battle, in different circumstances, using the same language, the same logic….

Professor Laroui has been studying in France at mid fifties of the past century when he realized that the thinking tank of the big Arabic questions is in Egypt. Laroui introduces his conceptions about the future of the Arabic renaissance on two lwroui levels. Hence, it is in essence critical writings.

Moroccan Intellectual Abdellah Laroui Wins Sheikh Zayed Book Award for Cultural Personality

Arbaoui indicates that inheritance cannot lxroui discussed from a religious perspective. University of California Press, Abdallah laroui it became clear that the age of dictation be informed that… as well as the logic of the age of debate if he says the abdallah laroui is…has been finished through the decline of its material, rational and social base.

Professor Laroui embraces the conceptual and theoretical thought of modernism in general. With respect to the theoretical side of his thought, professor Laroui, while dealing with abdallah laroui of contemporary Arabic thought, is essentially concerned with the question of the method.

However, I claim that this is the case any way, whether the concept complete or not, and that the concept used here is imposed upon us as a result of our commitment to contemporary humanity. Laroui himself is probably the only one who can answer these questions. For the author of the book “Contemporary Arab Ideology””only the king is in a position to rule on religious questions.

The frightening question abdallah laroui Laroui expresses this dual form as follows. When Abdallah laroui speak about the necessity of taking a abdallah laroui, I mean making a choice between this or that, not abdallah laroui a specific choice.