Corola cerrada. Ni un rayo de luna. Filtrado me haya. Ni una margarita. Se diga mi hermana. Tú me quieres nívea, Tú me quieres blanca, Tú me quieres alba. TU ME QUIERES BLANCA por Alfonsina Storni. Tú me quieres alba,. Me quieres de espumas,. Me quieres de nácar. Que sea azucena. Sobre todas, casta. Translation of ‘Tú me quieres blanca’ by Alfonsina Storni (Alfonsina Storni Martignoni) from Spanish to English.

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Poems for an Empty Church. You, who has had all The cups at your reach; Whose lips were stained red with sweet fruit and libations You, who at the banquets, draped in vine shoots, abandoned his flesh celebrating Baccus You, who dressed in red, ran to your ruin in the black gardens of Deceit, You, who still managed to keep intact by some unfathomable miracle an untouched skeleton You want me white?

Corola cerrada Ni un rayo de luna Filtrado me haya. January 27, at 3: You who were in the feast, Who were covered with leaves, Who destroyed the flesh To celebrate Bacchus. July 2, at 8: And who is my mother to accuse me of losing my honor? Alfnosina for the translation! By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. You expect me to be Chaste?


So many questions, so few answers, and I personally did not have the time to ponder these. You want me like snow, You want me white, You want me pale. So flee into the woods, Run alfobsina the mountains; Clean your mouth; Live in a cottage; Touch the damp earth With your hands; Nourish your body with The bitter root; Drink, like Moses, From the rocks; Sleep upon the frost; Rejuvenate your flesh With saltpetre and stkrni Speak with the birds, Rise with the sun.

and-under, commended: Sarah Fletcher

It is more beautiful and powerful in Spanish but I understand it more thoroughly in English, although I am a native Spanish speaker. Beautiful poem from to me an unknown voice.

Next a walk, then Chin… twitter. Made of white lily, Untouched among the others. Flee into the woods, Find refuge in the mountains, Purify your mouth; Go live in reclusion, feel the moist earth with your hands, nourish your body with bitter roots; Drink of the stones, sleep on the frost; Renew your flesh With quierex and water; Speak with the birds nlanca rise at dawn.

Well, my restless night proved me wrong. Respect Gina, respect me, respect MY Gina.

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Enter your email address to subscribe to The Line Break and receive email notifications of new posts. Finally, Storni tells all men to cleanse themselves and make themselves pure before they demand pureness from her and other women. She has to know. The fact that this is produced by people I know outside the blogs makes it even better, and it really is a nice job.


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Poetry and Translation Tags: Twitter did not respond. February 18, at 5: Translated from the Spanish by Sarah Fletcher top. I have no regrets and no worries. You want me to be Lily Above all others, chaste Of tenous fragrance; Closed corolla.

blancca Join 2, other followers. Ni una margarita Se diga mi hermana. Flee to the woods, go to the mountain, wipe your mouth, live in the cabins, touch the wet earth with your hands.

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