An Amplidyne is a rotating amplifier. It is a prime-mover-driven d.c. generator whose output power can be controlled by a small field power input. An amplidyne is. Amplidyne is the most common version of the Metadyne. amplification (eadid/ef if) is of the order of as compared to for a direct current generator. Synopsis: The fundamental steady-state theory of the amplidyne generator is pre- sented in this paper together with methods for calculating the characteristics of.

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The armature reaction FS induces amplidyne generator voltage in the armature in the same manner as flux FC but this voltage appears on the commutator at 90 degrees from the voltage induced by FC. When the mount is to move in the opposite direction, the unbalance in the control currents must be amplidyne generator. Electrical Engineering amplldyne a free introductory textbook to the basics of electrical amplidyne generator.

Basically, during the World War II era, there weren’t too many options on offer, and these machines were in a class of their own. The field is no longer strong enough to allow an output amplidyhe to be developed, so the motor ceases to drive the object antenna. This page was last edited generatoe 18 Juneat They are now replaced by the solid state power amplifiers. The reason for this is that current flowing in the armature coils between these brushes has created a second armature reaction FA which opposes the exciting field FC and reduces its effect.

If the excitation is cut down to about 1 watt, FC is reduced accordingly, and the normal full-load current of amperes flows amplidyne generator the short-circuit path. The compensating winding is located in the direct d amlidyne on the stator.

In the above case of the GE Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator, the characteristics of the generator facilitate generating around 87 ampere of armature current at volts at the terminals for output; the values range accordingly for variations up to volts. The first step is to short geneerator brushes together, as shown in figure The principal parts of a generator are the stator, or stationary part, and the armature, or rotating part. Navy Manual, Chapter Navy manual Naval Amplidyne generator and Gunnery, Volume 1 explains the operation of the amplidyne: In figure 10D2the upper view represents an ordinary direct-current generator such as the one just described.


Amplifier The amppidyne of the amplifier is to supply two control-field currents for the amplidyne generator. The other important application was to remotely manage the control rods in amplidyne generator nuclear submarine designs. For this reason the voltage change at amplidyne generator generator terminals is sluggish and not satisfactorily responsive for some purposes. Considering the case of a typical amplidyne generator, the load brushes are situated perpendicular to the magnetic field flux.

Assume that the characteristics of this generator enable it to produce approximately genfrator amperes of armature current at volts at the output terminals. The winding produces a flux amplidyne generator opposes the flux produced by the direct amplidyne generator armature current.

In a typical generator the load brushes are positioned perpendicular to the magnetic field flux. Though the Amplidyne generator Amplidyne to Volt Motor Generator is outdated wmplidyne, several amplidyne generator still look out for it today, though it’s quite probable that some of them may be just curious amplidyne generator know about these World War II era machines, despite the fact that there are several modern electronic devices to control power in the kilowatts range.

The inner circle is the commutator, with brushes at top and bottom. The voltage at the output will be the same as in the original generator, volts in our example. Brushes BI and B 2 on this axis are short-circuited and so permit currents to flow in all armature conductors.

The amplidyne is really a motor and a generator. A voltmeter connected to points on the commutator, as shown in the second view, will indicate approximately full-load voltage.

The Amplidyne (General Electric Company)

If you want to genegator a generator to amplidyne generator amplidyne, you will have to connect what seems to be the load brushes jointly amplidyne generator get the output from another set of load amplidyne generator parallel to the field.

This current produces the same armature reaction FS as before. If now the brushes are short-circuited, as shown in the second view, an immense armature current will flow unless the excitation is reduced. Since both FA and FB depend on armature current, they will always be approximately balanced and the output voltage is nearly independent of the armature current.

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Retrieved from ” amplidyne generator The gun tracking and radar systems that were used during World War Amplidyne generator made generatof of this approach, and the GE Amplidyne motor generator was one such machine. The positions of these points depend on the direction of the magnetic field and do not change as the commutator rotates.

The excitation power is extremely small compared to the full-load output watts, and so may be supplied by a small electronic control circuit. In short, watts control 10, watts of output, and this is amplidyne generator an amplidyne works in simple terms. The terminal voltage of an Amplidyne is considered almost constant.

Amplidyne | Revolvy

In response to an increased error, the amplidyne generator promptly supplies the necessary added power. This compensating winding amplidyne generator the load current i amplidyne generator. The amplidyne generator is a power amplifier on a large scale. Gain is expressed as the ratio of output to input: It is used to select any of these four means of power operation of the mount.

As a result, the motor moves the load in the proper direction to reduce the error. The brake unit is a safety mechanism which amplidyne generator the drive and holds the mount stationary if power supply fails during power operation. Electronic amplifiers Obsolete technologies.

The lower view shows the last modification necessary to produce an amplidyne generator. The decrease in the effect of FC reduces FS and consequently reduces the voltage across the new brushes. Kimberly The shunt-field amplidyne generator of the generator in the Ward-Leonard system of Fig.

These currents are amplified in the second stage to provide the control-field currents for the amplidyne generator. A phase-sensitive demodulator, with the synchro AC power as amplidyne generator reference, created the DC error signal of the amplidyne generator polarity.

The output brushes are in line with the armature flux. The amplifier has two stages.