Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor who ruled the Roman Empire between AD and , is one of the best recorded individuals from antiquity. Marcus Aurelius, the philosopher-emperor who ruled the Roman Empire In this accessible and scholarly study, Professor Birley paints a. MARCUS AURELIUS A Biography By Anthony Birley Yale University Press. pp. $ WHEN PLATO, in The Republic, foresaw no end of.

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Nerva adopts Trajan as his son 98 January The Armenians too accepted a Roman nominee to the throne, and the king of the distant Hiberi from the Caucasus, useful allies of Rome in any difficulties with Parthia, came on a state visit to Rome in or soon after Ample material was available, not least because of the acrimony caused by the way Herodes had prevented the people of Athens from receiving a benefaction in the will of his father Atticus.

Further honours included the appointment as one of the seviri at the annual parade of the knights on 15 July. Trajan died in the east in August and Hadrian, commanding the Syrian army, had no difficulty whatever in gaining the adherence of the troops.

Commodus murdered January 1: The music teaching may have been mainly in singing.

His correspondence with his tutor Fronto, and even more the private notebook he kept for his last ten years, the Meditations, provides a unique series of vivid and revealing glimpses into the character and peoccupations of this emporer who spent many years in terrible wars against northern tribes.

There has been some welcome new epigraphic evidence for the wars Appendix 3. Antoninus had been consul for the first time in another troubled year, 69, the year of the four emperors. There were writers of some distinction in both Greek and Latin in the age of the Antonines — notably Apuleius and Lucian. And Birley too has spent much time on the HA apart from full discussions in the present volume, there is his partial translation in the Penguin Lives of the Later Caesars without suffering such revulsion.


That is our chief concern. The Gallic provinces also were undefended by legions. For his childhood and early youth we depend largely on anecdote and reconstruction.

Marcus Aurelius: A Biography – Anthony Birley – Google Books

Fronto, a native of Cirta Constantine in Numidia and a member of the senate, had been credited with the revitalizing of Latin. The historical reliefs, notably those on the column of Marcus Aurelius, are tantalizing, as it seems to be impossible to understand the details which they show and to construct a valid narrative history from them.

Firm action arelius backed the diplomacy: Without cookies your experience may not be seamless. Book titles OR Journal titles. All his successors except Tiberius and Vitellius used his three names, Imperator Caesar Augustus, as part of their official style, borley with some modifications their powers were those which he had gradually built up during his long decades of ascendancy. He might auurelius have said, with more precision, that from the Upper Nile to the Don, from the Euphrates to the Clyde, from the Sahara to the Rhine, the Danube and Aureoius, the Roman law and the Roman peace prevailed.

University of Western Australia Library. The emperor had planned his own death with some care, drawing a coloured line round a place beneath the nipple as his doctor, Hermogenes, had shown him, so that Master could hardly fail to achieve his task.

Egypt was in a special category. The letters are difficult to date exactly in many cases, but enough clues are provided to give an approximate indication. One story in particular records the effect which the entry of Antoninus to a meeting of the senate had produced, some time in that January. The consules ordinarii, who gave their names to the year, now resigned before completing their year of office to make way for suffecti.

He received the tribunician power and the proconsular imperium. The circumstances of his accession, and the executions of senators which had come shortly after, made the establishment of good relations nearly impossible.

He adopted Ceionius Commodus as his son. He was inconsolable for a time, and the dead youth was deified — a subject for considerable gossip among the aristocracy.

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To ask other readers questions about Marcus Aureliusplease sign up. Some believed that Hadrian had sworn some oath to adopt Ceionius Commodus; when, and for what reason, is not recorded.

Annius Verus, now presumably in his early thirties, was of the company. Books by Anthony Richard Birley. I have taken into account recent research on the Greek intellectual renaissance, on Fronto, and on the emerging Christians Appendix 4. The taking of the toga virilis was normally the moment for the burley of the third stage of education, in oratory or rhetoric. Aureliue winter at Aquileia January: Herodian, a mediocre eastern Greek litterateur who was a younger contemporary of Dio and Maximus, wrote a history of the period — This impression is confirmed by a mention of his nurse in the Meditations: The patricians had more chance of becoming consul ordinarius.

It was no accident that his grandson by adoption, Marcus, was to write his Meditations in Greek. The biographer gives a sufficiently detailed description of his personality for other ostensible reasons to emerge. Modern authorities might agree in principle, although the effect that they would postulate would be psychological rather than physiological. He moves into the palace. The intention was good, though the result seems a little half-baked.

Marcus Aurelius: A Biography

The most popular version refers to the occasion shortly before the adoption of Antoninus, when he entered a meeting of senators, supporting his aged father-in-law, Annius Birkey Medallion, 18 Marcus aged fifty-six, Commodus aged sixteen. Faustina, daughter of Antoninus, betrothed to L. There is this difference between the two sorts of son: Faustina was still far too young to be married — her marriage was in fact not untilso in she was probably only eight or nine years old.