Printed by D. V. Syamala Rau, at the Vasanta Press,. The Theosophical Society, Adyar, Madras. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Indological Books, ‘Principles Of Tantra – Tantra Tattva. Ganesh _ Co – Arthur ‘. J WORKS ON TANTRA BY ARTHUR AVALON The Great Liberation the Sansknt 2nd Ed revised with copious additional notes, Principles of Tantra Vols.

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She is the eternal, all-pervading Shakti who shines by Her own effulgence in the Sun 4.

In its next state it is PashyantT 2. The nine Shaktis of Bharati are Medha. The subtle states bhava of sound so named.

Principles Of Tantra Tantra Tattva. 1960 Ganesh Co Arthur Avalon

See note 3 adding above and below. See post p, He it is Who devours inimical Nagas 2 and evil planets. The text at vv. While, however, they have this signi- ficator they, however, mean a great deal more i. The crescent moon is here meant. Svapna is that feeling or perception Afthur which lf through these senses when devoid of consciousness Samjna 3 ; Suyiupti is that condition of quietude which is caused by the effortless state of the Atma, 4.

John Woodroffe

In these five Kunda. In his utilization of passion the Hindu has had the sense to know that we must do our market with and according to the funds in our purse. Shiva for the ordinary man holds a deer in His hand. They are the embodiments of these principles. Kurmaka causes movement of the eyelids iKrzkaraka causes hunger ; Devadatta yawning ; and Dhananjaya causes various sounds Rava meaning apparently motions in the body and does not leave it even after death As there are ten airs, so there are ten fires in the body, Of these, seven fires are in the seven substances Dhatus and three in sweat Svedaphlegm Kleda and entrails Antra.

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It is then born and shakes with fear. She is in the Indriyas: Then He is thought of as a child of the colour of a blue lotus with a girdle of little bells covering his waist, thighs and buttocks. Devesha karmasarvam me bhaved SrSdhanam tava.

These with the arrow and bow are Her weapons. Introduction by Arthur Avalon. An explanation is given of these four. Dhiyo 2 means Buddhi in the accusative plural. See Sharada tilaka ch.

John Woodroffe – Wikipedia

Artur is a well-known fact that the Hos and the Mundaries of Chota- Nagpur, the aboriginal races of the Philhpines do not have images for their worship The Hindu does not worship many gods. This appears to solve in an extreme sense a point raised by St.

Vayu, Pitta and Kapha are thus fundamental principles of the human economy or the primary subtle dynamics of organic life, when in virtue of their correlative and sustentative functions, they ensure an equipoise among the different vital and physiological processes, essential to its perfect health. If the disciple has the defects which are mentioned in vv. He died on 18 January Even that abstruse logician Bhaskararaya begins his commentary on the Saptashati Chandl with a salutation of Sham.

Varada, Hladinl, Prlti, Dirgha. In Ayurveda it is said that these three acting on the body in different ways produce various results. Another Dhyana of Aghora is given at v 18 of Ch.

Chapter 36 of the first edition is here printed as 23, 34 as 32, 33 as 36, 32 as 34 and Chapter 31 as It means the ever-blissful and Supreme Brahman Savituh. From these 44 letters issue 44 Vahni Devatas, each pginciples whom is attended by 5 Shaktiseach of whom is attended by five handmaidenseach of whom is again attended by 16 hand- maidenseach of whom again is attended by xvalon upon millions of handmaidens In v 21 the Dhyana or formula of tsntra on Vishnu is given.


V ante, p a IX. When Gaihga was called down from heaven by Bhagiratha, She first fell into the matted hair jafa of Shiva.

Thus She is represented as white holding the viKa. Tat is in the accusative singular By it reference is made to the first Cause of all substance Vastu. It is constantly cited as an 1. Yoga js defined as the constant uninterrupted vision in oneself of the Atma which is without hands, feet, mouth or other limb or body 4. If it be done thus then she who is struck by the arrows of Kama follows her husband like a shadow even in another world Dispeller of the dread of Hell, Mayest Thou both now and here 9 Destroy our wordly fear Another common definition is Ke jale shava iva bhati iti Keshava: If there be a preponderance of Shomta the child becomes a female ; if the proportions are even the child becomes a hermaphrodite and when Shukra pre- dominates then the child becomes a male.

Shiva in anger at the act bent his bow against him. Dover Publications NY Bat the higher Sttdhaka sees the Veda or Brahmajnana.