Asmaa ur-Rijaal is an english encyclopedia of Hadeeth Narrators which (ﷺ) is known as ‘Asma-ur-Rijaal’ or ‘The Science of the narrators’. In their Hadith discussions they mentioned something about “asma-ur-rijal” being a method of verifying Hadith. Is asma-ur-rijal similar to the. FAN-E-ASMA-UR-RIJAL – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free.

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Asma-ur-Rijalare usually taken from various books written by the medieval imams, often relating to the biography or part of the biography of famous personalities. A sample Hadith would look something like:. Cambridge University Press UK.

Dar Ibn Kathir Syria-Beirut. Secondly, if the historians had to judge and scrutinize historical reports and record them with the strict research the hadith narrations require, and only if three or four thousand were chosen from four hundred thousand in Ahadiththen in historical narrations, not even four hundred would have remained! Bashar ‘Awwad Ma’roof, it contains the biographies of 8, narrators, including Companions. Islam was the first to make clarification and research into the authenticity of the narration necessary.

Markaz al-Furqan liTa’lim al-Qur. Imam Bukhari rahimahullah said that he chose the ahadith of Sahih Bukhari from a hundred thousand authentic sahih and two hundred thousand unauthentic ghayr sahih Ahadith that he knew from memory.

Fun Asma-Ur-Rijaal.pdf

Despite this science having so many benefits and virtues, none have ever accorded this science the status that the beliefs of Islam and laws could be drawn from it. The rank of the statement of the Sahaba radhiyallahu anhum is not that of the Hadith of Rasulullah sallallaahu alayhi rijap.

Narrated tons of bulky bullshit like Abu Huraira. November 11, October 09, Thirdly, a scholar should only suffice a minimum required in this particular field, which is that a particular narrator is weak, unreliable or he fabricates narrations. Sumayr Hajjar al, Shaykh Muhammad M. Narrated tons of bulky bullshit like Abu Huraira. Manuscripts used are thoroughly pictures and referenced.

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The author ordered his work by mentioning the Companions first, beginning with the ten promised paradiseand then moving on to the Followersbeginning with those named Muhammad and so on. Zeynab on November 10, It is four volumes long in manuscript form. The missing of any one narrator would not take you to the originator.

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All these points testify to the fact that in the field of history, those who criticize some narrations, they too have regarded it appropriate to gather as many narrations as possible regarding an incident, under azma chapter, despite it being weak or even possibly fabricated.

Not just that, but Bukhari has also gone a step further with his very malicious lies by accusing the Prophet pbuh of marrying Aisha against the wishes of her father, Abu Bakr Sidiq, a false story that has given a welcoming ammunition to the non-Muslim critics.

May Allah accept our efforts. The scholars of the Ummah had scrutinized the narrations of the incidents of the Ambiya alayhimussalaam and then the Ahadith.

However, I always knew that Aisha was much older NOT through asma-ur-rijal but based on the Quranic concept of marriage and my common sense. Leilatul Qadr on June 8.

History becomes valuable only when one takes lesson from it. Please read why our Islamic new year is full of tragic memories. The asma ur rijal of the Ummah had scrutinized the narrations of the incidents of tijal Ambiya alayhimussalaam and then the Ahadith.

Almighty Allah, for the protection of the words of His beloved Messenger sallallaahu alayhi wasallam created a most noble group, possessing angelic qualities, numbering more than a hundred thousand, all with one mission i.

Forgetfulness of the narrators. Muslims were the ones who accorded history the standing of being a proper and reliable science. No-Sunni no-Shiia read-only Forum. O ye who believe! December 31, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It has recently been published in both eight volumes and 35 by Mu’assasah al-Risalah in Beirut, Lebanon; the first edition was Sufyan Thawri rahimahullah said that when narrators began to lie, we used history to oppose them.

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The immense love of the Sahaba radhiyallahu anhum spurred them to protect his sallallaahu alayhi wasallam every word and to care for his every hadithmore than even their own lives.

This is the reason why the books of the Imams of Ahadith alone have the status of being principle, reliable works. Maktaba Ma’ariful Quran Karachi. Imam Dhahabi said of him: When they would protect the hair that separated from the body of Rasulullah sallallaahu alayhi wasallam and his old clothing more than their own lives, how could it ever be fathomed that they would not give due importance to protecting the Ahadith of Rasulullah sallallaahu alayhi wasallam? Moreover, most Hadith compilers and the Hadith followers themselves do not care a fig about asma-ur-rijal.

However, I have no objections if these few are retained, but let NOT anyone attribute them to the Prophet pbuh. Rjal dont simply call it ‘normal biography’?

Imam and al-Hafiz Yusuf ibn Abd al-Rahman al-Mizzi compiled, edited and abridged this work naming it, Tahdhib al-Kamal fi asma’ al-rijal. He was buried in the Sufiyyah graveyard. Haaha ha ha , you bet that quote is irritating.

According to Ibn Kathir: October 06, Overview [ edit ] The author collected in this book the names and biographies of all, or most, of the hadith narrators mentioned in the six canonical hadith collections. Dar Nur as-Sabah Syria. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.