Athenagoras was a late 2nd century Christian apologist who wrote a defense of Christianity called _A Plea for the Christians_. It’s contents are revealing of what. A Plea For the Christians. By Athenagoras the Athenian: Philosopher and Christian. To the Emperors Marcus Aurelius Anoninus and Lucius Aurelius. A Plea for the Christians [Athenagoras of Athens] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Athenagoras (c. – c. AD) was a Father of the.

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But the greatest proof that other beings are at work here than those to whom the statues are erected is afforded by Troas and Parium.

We will not discuss the intelligible and the sensible and their natures. What, moreover, would this second god have to do, seeing that another owns the world and that, while he is above the creator of the world, he is neither in the world nor around it?

It would fall to pieces by the power and might of God. That we are not atheiststherefore, seeing that we acknowledge one Goduncreated, eternalinvisible, impassible, incomprehensible, illimitable, who is apprehended by the understanding only and the reason, who is encompassed by light, and beauty, and spirit, and power ineffable, by whom the universe has been created through His Logosand set in order, and is kept in being — I have sufficiently demonstrated.

The statue of Isis is that of a woman with the horns of a cow, similar to the way the Greeks depict Io. It is, however, the demonic movements and operations, coming from the opposing spirit, which produce these chaotic onslaughts. On this lake it is that the Egyptians represent by night his sufferings whose name I refrain from mentioning, and this representation they call their mysteries. But the gods in whom the crowd delights and after whom the statues are named were really men, as you can tell from the stories about them.

He deposed Typhon, and ruled over Egypt as its last god-king. And in this opinion they all agree. They are guided by this alone — to know the true God and his Word, to know the unity of the Father with the Son, the fellowship of the Father with the Son, what the Spirit is, what unity exists between these three, the Spirit, the Son, and the Father, and what is their distinction in unity.

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Then he raped his daughter Persephone, this time also taking the shape of a dragon. Chapter one says that Christians refuse to go to court against those who rob them and that they turn the other cheek.

CHURCH FATHERS (13) – Athenagoras of Athens | O Clarim in English

From them in turn came other descendants. The Athenian sacrifices to Erechtheus as Poseidon.

Compounds are derived from it, and it is the governing principle. If you are a Christian, you should read Decoding Nicea. To all this we reply: For it is not possible to explain fully about God to everyone.

CHURCH FATHERS: A Plea for the Christians (Athenagoras)

The Roman gods had committed acts that would have any Roman citizen thrown in a dungeon or thf to death! Why, in truth, in order to their coming into existencedid they need the aid of men and art?

This opposing spirit was created by God, just as the other angels were created by him and entrusted with administering matter and its forms. This seems to be what Athenagoras understood by the line.

Athenagoras of Athens

But missing to discover the greatness of Godand not being able to rise on high with their reason for they have no affinity for the heavenly placethey pine away among the forms of matter, and rooted to the earth, deify the changes of the elements: The ceremonies at chrisstians feast of Isis in the city of Busiris have been already spoken of.

You may say, however, since you excel all men in understanding, How comes it to pass, then, that some of the idols manifest power, if christjans to whom we erect the statues are not gods?


We obey reason and do not override it.

A lacuna in the text has been filled out with the reference to Diomedes. Hence Rhea, terrified athenagors such a monster for a child, fled from her and withheld her breast.

Cliff Notes: Athenagoras’ Plea for Christians and On the Resurrection

The same thing led Aristotle to say that the things below the heaven are not under the care of Providence, although the eternal providence of God concerns itself equally with us below —. It is wrongdoing which merits penalty and punishment.

And, instead of speaking ill of those who have reviled them to abstain from which is athenavoras itself an evidence of no mean forbearanceto bless them; and to pray for those who plot against their lives? Assuming then the defensive, he justifies the Christian abstention from worship of the national deities by arguing that it is absurd and indecent, quoting at length the pagan poets and philosophers in cjristians of his contention.

Hand and eye and foot are parts of one body, making up together one man: Here are things which without harmony cannot abide; which would be brought to ruin by strife: Google Search Privacy Statement Christian-history. For the nature and origin of these elements is derived from God’s separating matter into its different parts: Nor for mere wantonness do they have intercourse, but by nature’s law and only at the season of procreation.

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My opinion, he says, is that Hesiod and Homer preceded me by four hundred years, and no more; and it was they who framed a theogony for the Greeks, and gave the gods their names, and assigned them their several honours and functions, and described their forms. Concerning Repentance and Alms-Giving.