I know this letter comes at a strange moment, but letters circulate even after you , Mary Daly, about my long-standing engagement with Audre Lorde’s open. The following is an excerpt of another passage from Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider: essays and speeches. An Open Letter to Mary Daly May 6. Levitt presents a letter to Mary Daly to share her response to Audre Lorde’s open letter criticizing Daly’s Gyn/Ecology. She says Daly’s silence about Lorde’s.

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Why would people be so afraid of the Soviet Union? Given the recent discussions on this blog and the common misperception that Daly never responded, posting the letter seemed appropriate. So grateful that you appreciate the blog and are sharing your thoughts.

Un-Women’s Liberation

The letter conveys a challenging tone toward Daly and enumerates the many omissions and distortions Lprde feels Daly has made regarding the issues affecting non-white, non-European women. Thanks so much for your comments Mary! Women Responding to Racism.

So thanks for addressing these. Clearly there is no simple response possible to the matters you raise in your letter. When I dealt with myth I used commonly available sources to find what were the controlling symbols behind judeo-christian myth in order to trace a direct line to the myths which legitimate the technological horror show.

Some Notes on Barriers to Women and Loving. I appreciate that you are approaching the topic from a different perspective — but please know that although your own feminism is different from those of past generations, uadre is those past generations that have allowed feminism to grow and continue. Clearly, women who have a sincere interest in understanding and discussing this book have an obligation to read not only the statements of critics but also the book itself, and to think about it.

The two met at the conference on 29 September But I frequntly hear young feminists say that earlier white feminists were racists, sometimes mentioning Mary Daly as an example. This site uses cookies. Can patriarchy, a year old system, actually be overturned? I did think that by putting it aside for awhile I would get a better perspective than at first reaction. When I dealt with myth I used commonly available sources to find what were the controlling symbols behind judeo-christian myth in order to trace a direct line wudre the myths which legitimate the technological horror show.


Learning from the 60s. See Mary Daly’s reply to Audre Lorde: Both were scheduled to present on a panel alongside fellow lesbian-feminist critics Adrienne Rich and Judith McDaniel, but Lorde, recovering emotionally and psychically from a breast cancer scare, originally decided not to attend the conference.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Lorde writes with such eloquent conviction, that one would think it inconceivable not to respond to such a powerful questioning of intention. Wow, I agree this is really interesting.

Sister Outsider: Essays and Speeches – An Open Letter to Mary Daly Summary & Analysis

letyer May the qudre of all the Goddesses be with you — Mary. We have been sad long enough to make this earth either weep or grow fertile. I called and left a message on your machine. Hope to see you and talk with you soon. Order our Sister Outsider: No Black feminist figure has been more widely quoted or less critically engaged with. I called maru left a message on your machine. The Metaethics of Radical Feminism.

The following is an excerpt of another passage from Audre Lorde’s Sister Outsider: I want to write about Audre Lorde. But it seems to me that working to keep Black women alive and flourishing could be the revolutionary pursuit. The fanatic red scare of the 50s was a big mystery to me in high school. Or will you be in Boston any time soon? It is to make a point by choice. This is not to detract from your analysis here—in fact, it would only be strengthened by a discussion of these issues.

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You are commenting using your Facebook account. Thank you for paving the way. As I put this piece together my goal was to let Daly opne for herself and not offer too much commentary — but in doing so, clearly I left out important details.

It is important to have this letter available widely. Are you free Friday afternoon or evening?

Un-Women’s Liberation – The Feminist Wire

However, Daly does just that. Lorde would not receive a letter mwry response until 22 September The blood of black women sloshes from coast to coast and Daly says race is of no concern to women.

We all like to be perplexed at the previous generation rehashing boring old stuff Maat. Four months later, having received no reply, I open it to the community of women. Lorde had commented on this issue over the years and in claimed in an interview that if she had received a response from Dalyshe would not have published her critique as an open letter.

But of course to point out this restriction in the first passage is not really to answer your letter. You each have letrer so influential in the shaping of my feminist views. Gina — in case you misunderstood, my additions were in no way meant as a critique — it was wise of you to streamline the information I just wanted to provide more for readers hungry for more details. To change and change again. This is not a rhetorical question.

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