John Salt’s just come out with a new ebook. Not terribly useful for most of us, but it looks like the kind of info that takes days or weeks of. The Beginners Guide To Flying RC helicopters is an all inclusive e-book that covers many of the most frequently asked questions and topics. The ultimate guide to help Beginners and Experts alike with RC Helicopters! RC Helicopters: A Guide to Remote Helicopter Flight Welcome to RC Helicopter.

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We have four helis: This makes it practical to take to the local park where more freedom is available to fly the RC helicopter.

I purchased another RC Heli hard copy book at a hobby shop a couple weeks ago that was suppose to be for beginners, but it was focused helicppters beginners guide to flying rc helicopters power and didn’t touch on electric power at all.

Why pay for one man’s opinion, when you can get plenty of opinions free of charge on the forums, from folk who’s first priority is to help others with their helis, and not to make money for themselves.

Kids will love it because of the aggressive military based design.

7 Best RC Helicopters: Beginner Remote Control Heli (Outdoor & Indoor)

The same mistakes with bigger helicopters would not be as forgiving. Some manufacturers might be kind enough to include a helickpters ‘Tee’ fitting that attaches to the top of the main shaft and makes use of a spare flybar to balance the heli in the way described above.

If I’m not there, I go beginnefs work. Below are some words from readers of The Beginner’s Guide To Beginners guide to flying rc helicopters RC Helicopters who have been kind enough to e-mail myself or John to let us know what they’ve thought:. Because there is still a high noise to signal ratio. Originally Posted by rob We are looking forward to building a quadcopter this summer. It will lead you on to fly more advanced aerobatic maneuvers such as rolls and loops.

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Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helicopters – RC Groups

Well written and well presented in layman’s terms, this has to be the essential reading for anyone considering buying their first heli before they go out beginners guide to flying rc helicopters by it. The coaxial design means flying will be stable, and it supports a 3. The combination of a cool army look, easy to handle controls and damage resistant plastic means it is beginner friendly. Mail will not be published required. This site has lots of information and advice for beginner coaxial and fixed pitch heli pilots as well as a boatload of information and help for the more advanced collective pilot.

Please check this section out, it has really taken flight! Options Quote message in reply?

The Beginner’s Guide To Flying RC Helicopters

Inefficient controls can lead to a frustrating time with your Blade RC helicopter. This is the first time I understand the benefits of dual rate and exponential and the programming of the computer radio for eCCPM is really clear.

Password Please enter a password for your user account. Full Scale Heli threads go in OT please. Best regards from Vancouver B.

Here’s my begginers hhelicopters to RC Heli’s and i’ll give it out for free. The owner of this site may receive compensation if a purchase is made using a affiliate link from this site.


A total newbie doesn’t know what info hslicopters good and what is bad. Tap Point to mention if you buy anything from my blog I do make beginners guide to flying rc helicopters small commission – Helps me keep the site going! This vlying the 2nd version of the model, with a new and improved design. From the different types of RC helicopters available, to how they work, to how to fly them and what’s involved – this page, easy to read e-book covers all that and much more with plenty of helpful colorful illustrations.

Ultimate Beginners Guide To Flying RC Helis

Combo deal – save! How to deal with a crash. Home Plane Guide Combo deal Contact me. Quote message in reply? Your videos on learning how to fly really makes learning how to fly a lot more fun with very little stress. If there are any issues with beginners guide to flying rc helicopters download, please contact me right away.

Sep 25, As a result the heli becomes even harder to control than it already is, beginners guide to flying rc helicopters climbing out of the GE is a good idea — but keeping your very first hops to a few inches off the ground is necessary from a safety point of view. Heliclpters you would like help on a more technical problem, please use the Contact Me form instead.