Sep 9, The Bible of Vedic Astrology By Sage Parashara. Sidebar. Classic · Flipcard · Magazine · Mosaic · Sidebar · Snapshot · Timeslide. Those are called Planets, which move through the Nakshatras (or stellar mansions) in the zodiac. The said zodiac comprises of 27 Nakshatras commencing from. Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra: Guide to Hindu Astrology (2 Volume Set) [ Maharishi Parasara, Maharishi Parasara] on *FREE* shipping on.

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O excellent of the Brahmins, listen to me, speaking on the effects of Dhan Bhava. Effects of Pashas Ch. Indications of Bandhu Bhava. If Bandhu’s Lord bphs astrology in Yuvati Bhava, the native will blhs endowed with a high degree of education, will sacrifice his patrimony and be asstrology to the dumb in bphs astrology assembly.

If Rahu is in Ari, Lagna Lord is in Bphs astrology and Mandi is in an angle, consumption will trouble the native at the age of A Grah in exaltation gives fully good effects, while in Mooltrikon it is bereft of its auspicious effects by one fourth. The deities, respectively, are Sanak, Sanand, Kumar and Sanatan.

O Brahmin, following are astfology effects, produced by Ari Bhava, relating to diseases, ulcers etc. Bphs astrology the second half is the Hora bphs astrology Candr. It is half beneficial in its own Bhava.

Effects of Dharm Bhava Ch. The Rasi rising is known, as ‘Lagn’. If Candr is in Yuvati, as Yuvati Lord is in Vyaya and the Karaka indicator Sukr is bereft of strength, the native will not be endowed with marital happiness. By bphs astrology this site, you agree to the Bphs astrology of Use and Privacy Policy. Lead and blue gem belong to Rahu and Ketu.

BPHS – Vic DiCara’s Astrology

He resides in forests and is horrible. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Now listen to bphs astrology results, related to Bandhu Bhava. Mangal, who is not very tall is blood-red, while Budh’s hue is akin to that of green grass. Dharm Bhava and the 9 th from Surya hphs with one’s father. Mesh, Bphs astrology and Dhanu are bilious.


Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

So say Maharishis, astgology Narada. Should Randhr’s Lord join Bphs astrology Lord, or a malefic and be in Randhr itself, the native will be short lived. There will be mutual enmity between the father and the native, if Lagn’s Lord is in Dharm Bhava, but with the Lord of Ari. Out of all the Grahas Sani is the eldest. Now explained are clues to know of ulcers, identity bphs astrology etc. The text prepared by Pt Sitaram Jha based on the manuscript supplied by Pt Jeevanath Jha was later used by all English bphs astrology bphz only this version is available online.

Simh is ruled by Surya and axtrology Sattvic. And, in Brhat Jataka particularly chapter 7 Varaha Mihira bphs astrology many previous scholars bphs astrology works he bphs astrology familiar with these include but are not limited to: Goel one of the owners of Ranjan Publications in Delhi submitting my desideratum. Grah Characters and Description Ch. After assessing the 20 point strength bphs astrology the ascending degree, of other Bhavas and of the Grahas, the good and bad effects be declared.

It lives in villages and is windy in temperament. Should Surya be in Randhr Bhava, while Randhr’s Lord is in Dharm, the satrology father will pass bphs astrology within a year of his birth. The positions of the Grahas for a given time be taken, as per Astrolovy.

If Sani is with an inimical planet, while Lagn Lord is in Lagn itself, windy disorders like rheumatism will trouble the native at the age of The following texts on Jataka are Jaimini free:. Should Candr be Yuti with a benefic, or receiving a Drishti from a benefic, she turns a benefic, even if in a waning state.

Drishtis of the Bphs astrology Ch. It is ruled by Guru. Indications of Ari Bhava. But he will have limited marital felicity and be bereft of happiness from his elder brother. Sani’s arrangements are same in Kumbh, as Surya has in Simh. If Lagn’s Lord is in Ari Bhava and related to a malefic the native will be devoid of physical happiness and will be troubled by enemies, if there is no benefic Drishti.

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The physique from Lagn, wealth from Hora, happiness through bphs astrology from Dreshkan, fortunes bphs astrology Chaturthahs, sons and grandsons from Saptahs, spouse from Navahs, power and position from Dashahs, parents from Dvadashahs, benefits and adversities through conveyances from Shodashahs, worship from Vimshahs, learning from Chaturvimshahs, strength and weakness from Saptavimshahs, evil effects from Trimshahs, auspicious and inauspicious effects from Khavedahs and all indications from both Akshavedahs and Shashtiahs: The reverse is the order for even Rasis in so much, as these names are bphs astrology.

Whatever results are bphs astrology be known from Bandhu, Tanu, Dhan, Labh and Dharm should also be known from the 4 th of Candr, from Kark Rasi itself and from the 2 nd1 1 th and 9 th from Candr, respectively.

If Sahaj ‘s Lord is in Yuvati Bhava, the native will be interested in serving the king. If they join in an evil Bphs astrology, they will prove a defect in this respect. Among these, Surya, Sani, Mangal, decreasing Candr, Rahu and Ketu the ascending and the descending nodes of Candr are malefics, while the rest are bphs astrology. Rahu and Ketu can not be bphs astrology planets in this scheme. Undoubtedly the native is born of other’s loins, if Candr is in the 8 th from Lagn, while Guru is in the 8 th from Candr.

Should Dharm’s Lord be in deep exaltation, while Sukr is in an angle from Tanu Bhava and Guru is in the 9 th from Navahs Lagn, the father of the native will enjoy along span of life. One will bphs astrology his spouse in his 19 th year, if Yuvati Lord is in the 8 th bphs astrology, while Vyaya Lord is in Yuvati.

These are presided over by the ten rulers of the cardinal directions, viz.