12 Jul Introduction. Ever wonder how your laptop battery knows when to stop charging when it is plugged into the wall, but the computer is powered. 5 Oct battery there are 2 TI chips of types BQDBT and BQ the Lenovo power management software shows “SANYO” in the manufacture. Texas Instruments BQDBT. Check pricing, availability, lifecycles and datasheets at Ciiva.

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TI, its suppliers and providers of content reserve the right to make corrections, deletions, modifications, bqdbt, improvements and other bqdbt to the content and materials, its products, programs and services at any time or to move or discontinue any content, bqdbt, programs, or services without notice.

The sense resistor is shared across the gas gauge chip and the overcurrent protection chip and is 0. Theoretically you could turn it into a bq20z90 by downloading the firmware from one and uploading that. My questtion was – can I use the firmware dump from that battery? If you have a corrupt but mostly intact image on the chip it could be failing the checksum test and locking you out.

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Viktor December 15, at 6: There are some crucial, I believe, pics missing between the first pic of the new blue Li-ion cells and the second pic when they are back in the case and covered in clear Mar 7, 2: Me now trying to get into bq20z90 controller but chip is sealed. Did you try running the tool as root to rule out permission issues? Trace all the connections between BQ and BQ and then make the hardwiring. This bdbt has been locked.


I can’t help with individual cases I’m afraid. Is it even possible to write a new firmware to these chips so they will accept to work again? So if the function is active in your battery then you need to write the authentication keys Mentions Tags More Cancel.

You have to do something with cells, making them to have the same voltage, better to replace with a new ones. Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers. After you make possible to modify dinamic area of eeprom, Did you play around with that counter value? The datasheet of the micro should help. Not entirely sure since I don’t know how the clear occurs exactly.


Charging Current and Charging Voltage is set to 0. The rest would begin charging Free samples will be sent for your evaluation.

bq830dbt I could include it here, if anyone can help determine how to reset this thing from what was essentially, a power-down mode.

It’s firmware specific and bq20z90 running TI native firmware.

It triggered a clear on the first bytes 64 instructions in the program flash. Bq8030dbbt said, as you know, that isn’t the TI firmware. The Chinese battery had a bq chip for protection and a 24C02 for storing battery parameters.


I’ve soldered LED on fuse heater pins, and it always lights up, despite the fact that the charging current and voltage have good values.

I have checked all the fuses and they are OK. But now I’ve switched my primary use to my HP dv5z so there’s not much motivation Got it to communicate. We are bqdbt that we were able to resolve this issue, and will now proceed to close this thread.

bq20z90: flashing bq20z90 *.senc to bq8030dbt

Hi Viktor, I received the adapter bq8030dby and managed to patch capacity and cycle counts in my battery. Thus I’ve seen how fast and short the time is that the actual ‘heated’ tips are allowed to be in contact with the exposed faces of a Li-ion cell if at all like half a nanosecond at bestso I’ve mentally got a grasp of how not to balls it up I believe. Haven’t made any notes or anything: So, like I said the circuit had a bq as gas gauge which communicates with the laptop.

I hope that it will work because I can see all the battery detailes in the PM program. BomBa August 26, at