Facercise by Carole Maggio is a series of facial exercises designed to eliminate Free Facial Exercise Videos to Naturally Treat Wrinkles, Laugh Lines, Dark. 6 Nov Carole Maggio, facial exerciser to the stars, takes us through some basic, humiliating facercises in this VHS gem. 8 Apr Carole Maggio’s Facercise has helped many thousands of people look younger without surgery through her scientifically-designed precision.

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My name is Tao and today completes two weeks that I have been doing Facercise. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. She recommends taking before and after pictures front and profile carole maggio facercise free you can better judge the effects.

What kind of yoga do you do? Be very very careful with it, because it creates new lines on your face, destroys its natural look.

caroel Please let me know how you make out! BTW — Did you ever try yoga for your cellulite? There are only one or two problem areas I want to treat. Carole maggio facercise free imagine the more you do it, the more improvement you will see.

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Someone please correct me if I am wrong! Thanks for the suggestion! Not a huge commitment. Carole maggio facercise free for all your help to me. Not sure what I think of it. Or to make the most of your time and effort, carole maggio facercise free not first take a few minutes to get smart on cellulite theory by reading Cellulite ? In just short of a month time, I have been able to decrease my cellulite substantially and tone and sculpt my thighs.

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I know you must hear from a lot of people, but I am very surprised by my results.


I hope you enjoy them! Should I lower the reps to 2? I am dying to know how your facial exercises going?

Where did you lose the fat on your face? It is red and peeling and puffy in a bad way all around my mouth. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Carole maggio facercise free you have a link? I love your advice about how to get what you want out of a yoga studio.

The programme is really awesome. Yoga is the only thing I could attribute this to. All the effect is supposed to come from the muscle contractions, the finger movements are mostly there for visualization purposes. They turn down a little bit. And how do i get rid of the new muscle and thin my nose overall?

Facercise is a series of facial exercises designed to decrease sagging skin and wrinkles by improving muscle tone in the face. I found all the products they market for acne usually make things worse. It could also be that I am so focused now that it makes carole maggio facercise free seem worse. At 45, I am told that I look at least 10 years younger, and whilst I am so carole maggio facercise free very active running swimming, etc.

I agree that facial muscles can be toned and firmed through well-designed face exercises.

Below are instructional videos for each of the 14 exercises Carole recommends in the basic Facercise regimen. I did measure them before and after, and much to my amazement, I lost a total of three inches carole maggio facercise free each thigh. Sorry once again, but I am s-o-o sold on Facercise!


One lifestyle change is his new diet — not prescribed for weight loss, but for the improvement of the functioning of other major organs. BTW-got a dermaroller but it had bent needles so now waiting for replacement….

I have deep lines from nose to mouth so trying that oval shape with the rubbing the lines and I do facerciise it looks worse. You should consider other factors that might carole maggio facercise free come into play to caroe you new lines while doing Facercise.

But it looks intriguing! Yes, there are a ton of facial exercise videos on there.

Facercise : Facial Exercises By Carole Maggio

I am really scared now. That was the happiest change to me, although it took a little longer to affect that area enough for others darole take notice. I can see how you could go overboard with is, though. Comments By submitting a comment below, you agree to abide by crole carole maggio facercise free policy. Thanks for your comment!

I need to start looking!! If you make that face, then pretend like you are sucking through two straws, one at each corner of your mouth.