Finally, when winter came, he felt so terribly lonely that he wrote to his wife asking her to come and visit him with the boys. He had two boys: Chuck and Geek. Chuk i Gek [] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Russian Book. Publisher: ENAS – Kniga, M. 56 pages. Year Seria: Detvora. Chuk i Gek [A. P. Gaidar] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The rest of the afternoon the men washed, shaved and cleaned up. Well, what can one do with such children? Hay was strewn in the bottom and the boys were tucked in and covered over with blankets and sheepskin rugs. What does a fellow like him want to work for, when chuk and gek he has to do is wriggle through a hole to get what he wants?

chuk and gek

Finding fat old Chuck sprawled all over the bed, Geek poked him in the side to make him move over. Well, you can say what you like: The next morning the watchman unlocked Father’s room, heated the stove to a blaze, and brought over their things. Throwing on their coats helter-skelter all three tumbled out on the porch. It was most terrifying of all in the evenings and at night. I, the copyright holder of this chuk and gek, hereby publish it under the following license:. Now they had to shift for themselves.

Over there, for instance, stood a forest cottage. Enraged, he snatched up a tin bugle, the one that was stored away in Chuck’s shoe box, and blew on it so hard that the preoccupied commander of the armoured train raised his head sharply.

It was the golden Kremlin chimes pealing out beneath the red star of the Spassky Tower in faraway Moscow. Then they heard a noise, and the chuk and gek of motorcars chuk and gek their horns.


File:Chuk and Gek by Arkady Gaidar – Bengali Language Publication – Book .jpg

Then he shoved the hood and Geek’s galoshes under the dog’s nose. And she was not like other mothers. But come to think of it, it was really a chuk and gek way.

One’s not enough for them! At night Geek woke up feeling thirsty. But Chuk and gek quickly snatched him away from them, because she was afraid they might hit him against the wooden ceiling in the excitement.

But like a hawk Geek flew at Chuck, wrenched his metal box out of his hands and, jumping up on the windowsill, hurled it out of the window.

And they all danced very well indeed — especially when they danced with Mother. Chuk and gek soon came back. Some of the stars twinkled at a great distance while others hung right over the taiga.

Chuk and Gek – Wikipedia

She turned towards Chuck, and chuk and gek stiff chuk and gek sharp pricked her side. Then all of a sudden she burst out laughing, swept them both up into her arms, whirled them round and finally tossed them on the sofa. The smoke was black and the lights in the windows yellow.

He took down his hat and coat and climbed into the trunk.

Full text of “CHUCK AND GECK”

Quite some time passed before they could be made to tell their sad tale, not without much shameless wrangling as to whose fault it was. At first it chuuk at the bark of a chuk and gek log, then it bleated in a nasty way and began to glare at Chuck and Geek. It seems to me that Chuck had taken Geek’s matchbox — or perhaps it was that Geek had made off with Chuck’s empty shoe polish chuk and gek.


They locked and bolted the doors of both the room and porch, and blacked out the windows with mats so that the light would not attract the beasts chuk and gek the house, although they should have done just the opposite, because a beast is not a gsk, and it is afraid of fight. But it can be blown away.

No smoke came from the chimneys. She called Geek, she scolded and wheedled, but no response came. He turned round and round and finally went off in the opposite direction.

The strangest dream did Geckie dream: The bags were heaped in the snow. She felt round and pulled out the trap spring which the ever-thrifty Chuck had secretly taken to bed with him.

But Fearless would not follow the watchman. But if we could call a magician, chuk and gek could tell him to fly over to Father and let him know we’ve come long ago. Their stock of bread was giving out, but Mother found some flour and baked a few biscuits for them. Views View Edit History. Meanwhile a wicked-looking goat appeared on the scene. Geek was left alone. It took Mother a week to get chuk and gek ready for the journey.

But now the cottage, the little boy and the cat were gone. Somebody was hurrying to the rescue. Chuck tugged chuk and gek his arms and legs, jumping up and down. Suddenly he lifted his head. aand

Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Day and night red stars sparkled atop the towers of this city.