Note – ATTACH_FILE_TO_RESPONSE does not work in dialog box Key words: cl_wd_runtime_services=>attach_file_to_response. Related Notes: . “Hi Everyone, My issue is that I want to download the contents which are displayed in the WEBDYNPRO output into a PDF file on click of. and finally send this to the user cl_wd_runtime_services=> attach_file_to_response(EXPORTING i_filename = l_filename i_content.

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Enter your new password here. Get notified of the new post, right into your inbox. In on of the comment on the same document by Pavan nailed down approach. Attach_file_go_response 12th, at Funny how that Naimesh guy always shows up!! Not the answer you’re looking for?

If a context is created using dictionary structure it will be good only for displaying names. You might find this useful. Im interested if you get attach to reponse working on the initial app call. Join them; it only takes a minute: There is not data availabe at run time and ALV is not filled. Has anybody an idea what goes wrong here? If the application is called, it reads a file of a archive-system an send it back to the caller browser.


Hmmm never tried an attach before any output. Join them; it only takes a minute:. But by creating attach_file_to_repsonse context and using as noderesult is not expected as desired. Explore all of his 2 articles.



By clicking “Sign up” you indicate that you have read and agree to the privacy policy and attach_fie_to_response of service. Data can be copied into the Excel from various sources.

Do you want to become SAP Expert? Or has anybody an different idea how to implement such a file-server-like WD4A-application? The code works fine, if it is called due to an gui- action click on a link or button. If you have something important to share, you can always contact me. Excel download from WebDynpro Application can be done by simply concatenating fields and then adding row below it.

Transformation – Create Transformation, pass the text and receive the XML results Concatenating the tags and appending them to text — This is time consuming and error prone I started with the second approach, like: We would do great working together. Will try you approach as well.

We will email you when an expert has commented on your question. Requirement I had was to generate a formatted excel, for user to fill in again and upload back. Subscribe to stay connected. These sources can copy the data using Unicode vs non-Unicode.

Note 1093049 – ATTACH_FILE_TO_RESPONSE does not work in dialog box

Be the first one! Attafh_file_to_response really appreciate the links to SDN also. I guess, the source is deep down buried somewhere on that code exchange page ….

Subscribe Keep in touch. Why use WDA if there is never any interaction. But when formatted cells are required this approach fails due to Excel property. You seem to be new here. Though this is workable solution, but is error prone and slight miss of tag is head banging.


Many times, I Debug Standard transactions to understand their framework and to learn from them. I tried your code approach, it works well if you have an ALV on screen and is data filled. Questions Categories Tags Users. But in this case I have to implement a graphical user interface… Has anybody an idea what goes wrong here? But you don’t want to c The code is processed without error but the caller do not get the attached file.

I got Script Parse error and when checked few tags were open. Here a simple piece of code that shows set the response. Comments on this Post are now closed. Sometimes, all you get is the data in different format. November 13th, at This blog show a way to generate the formatted excel files using the XML. You will receive a confirmation email at the registered address.

Thanks it was good learning. Username or Email Password. BTW where did you put the call? Please confirm with the link provided in the email.

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