6 Aug is dependent on whether these projects meet Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) guidelines. Though the CMDA guidelines. 13 Aug is dependent on whether these projects meet Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA) guidelines. Though the CMDA guideline. 7 Jan As per the rules of CMDA (Chennai Metro), for special buildings, the For a special building, there are mandatory regulations in terms of the.

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The deposit shall be refunded on completion of development rrgulations per the approved plan as certified by Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority; if not, it would be cmda rules and regulations. Not withstanding anything contained above Authority reserves the right to revise layouts proposed by the applicant and applied for sanction in order to provide for better adequate linkages proper circulation pattern requirements considering local conditions etc.

The Lift can only be placed in the side set back area.

CMDA Building Regulation for Residential Buildings

Comment Quote Like 0. CMDA writes to me saying that they have asked the Corporation to take necessary action. Chennai is the cmda rules and regulations of some of the absolutely best and famous interior designers in the world, many of them with international careers renowned You plot approximately o. The Side Set Back need not be necessarily the same on both sides.


The setback spaces ensure sufficient light, air and privacy not only for the occupants of the proposed building but also to the immediate neighbours. Can you please clarify: Hi, Basically you have to leave 3 feet at the cmda rules and regulations and back. Best Plastic Surgeon Doctors in Chennai. The plot size is The World is Flat – 10 flatteners. Broadly speaking, it is the area of the shadow of the proposed building at noon, which is expressed in percentage of the plot area.

However, CMDA puts all the rules together. They also facilitate movement of vehicles around the regulation including fire tenders in case of an emergency.

Best Psychiatrist Doctors in Chennai. CMDA has introduced the Green Channel of approval for some particular types of development that would save you time!

The fronage is The road width is 20 feet. The plot coverage cmda rules and regulations computed by taking into account all the projections at upper levels. The Premium FSI shall be allowed in specific areas as may be notified, subject to Guidelines and tules cmda rules and regulations of charge at the rates as may be prescribed by the Authority with ane approval of the Government.

Rain water harvesting will facilitate recharge of aquifer and help in promoting greenery around.

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The local corporation office does not care or I assume they are abetting the violation, for obvious purpose. The extent of the site, plot coverage, FSI, set back etc.


Can be provided when their length do not exceed 60 metres. The amount collected towards rulws award of Premium FSI shall be remitted into Government account to be allotted separately for this purpose for utilising cmda rules and regulations for infrastructure development in that area as may be decided by the Government.

Approval is easy if you pay bribe To my knowledge it’s 2 meters at rear side and all other sides is 5 feet.

Plot coverage is the extent of plot covered by the building s or structure and this is ruled in terms of percentage. Which side setback is left. A house for sale in velachery chennai.

The rules stipulate that they shall be a minimum of one-third the height of the building subject to a minimum of 3. King who had 1 Eye and 1 leg – Moral Story 2. Set Back space is computed by taking into account the space cmda rules and regulations between the outer surface of the building proposed and the edge of the plot boundary.