It’s easy to become an Outer Court Member of the Correllian Tradition. The Second Degree Priestess should be familiar with most Wiccan rituals and. This page is based upon Lord Eblis’ interview in the “Faces of the Correllian” column Member and continued studying his Second Degree on Correllian Wicca;. I am a 3rd Degree with the Correllian-Nativist Tradition and a mentor at If you are interested in learning more about Wicca from a Correllian-Nativist viewpoint, a variety of classes on a variety of topics, as well as the traditional 1st, 2nd or.

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Amber KAzrael Arynn K. Eblis thinks that there is a great deal of work to do within The Correllian Tradition; and he wants to and hopes to participate in it. Wicca A Guide for the Solitary Practitioner. You’ll round out your magical education and be ready choose your specialty within the Wiccan arts when you master the following advanced tools and techniques: Eblis arrived to The Correllian Tradition through Witch School, but as many have also said, he felt with respect to Wicca and The Correllian Tradition a very strong connection since the beginning, as though things were meant to be; like him returning home after long years of being absent.

This week we are talking with Lord Eblis, who is from Mexico. Most often Honorary status is granted to initiated clergy from other Traditions who are affiliated with a given Correllian Temple as Outer Court Members, but have not pursued Correllian clerical training.

We stress the importance of the Pagan Clergy as teachers and facilitator, and the need for a strong public presence. Eblis then started his Third Degree, from which he graduated just a few weeks ago.

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The Correllian Tradition is dedicated to the advancement of the Pagan people. As an additional bonus, WitchSchool. As Honorary Clergy they are welcome to attend ceremonies that are for clergy only, such as initiations, and even sometimes hold office within the Temple. By far the larger number of Correllians are Outer Court Members, and they form the back bone of our Tradition. We believe strongly in celebratory as well as initiatory Wicca.

This book goes great with the lessons you can take at www. Correllianism is a belief system that is a combination correllizn Spiritualism and Pagan Universalism.

They are still a small group, but he loves working and dedicating many of his hours to the Temple and its members.

The Truth About Witchcraft Today. If he could he would pertain to join many more Orders, Shrines and Temples within Correlpian Tradition, but being dedicated to the Dragon Temple, his personal studies and his career at college [he is finishing a Financial Management B.

Correllian Study Group

The three-volume Witch School teaching series will prepare you for initiation into all three degrees of Correllian Wicca, one of the largest and fastest-growing Wiccan traditions in the world.

Each Temple has its own leadership and policies, which have been designed especially to suit its own needs.

Venture further on your journey into the magical life of a Witch. It makes learning so much easier! Eblis is the founder and Head of the Dragon Temple, in Mexico, which currently consumes most of his time. He also likes to work with Dragon Magick, and invoke the assistance, force and guidance of these powerful beings.

He would like to stress the necessity to stay together as a Family and to oppose to the wrongdoing in the World.

Correllian Study Group | The Pagan Grove

This page is based upon Lord Eblis’ interview in the “Faces of the Correllian” column in the Correllian Herald magazine. These mentors are volunteers that have gone through the program and are making themselves available to help you.


You’ll round out your magical education and be ready choose your specialty within the Wiccan arts when you master the following advanced tools and techniques: Our Lessons for First degree Priesthood are considered among the best available, and cover many subjects, which the student is expected to learn about in depth.

Each lesson has four sections: The “Faces of the Correllian” is an ongoing column written by Rev. However all Correllian Temples are bound to recognize Correllian Degrees. The Correllian Tradition needs to grow even more; needs to have fixed reunion centers — Temple and Shrine buildings, schools, contemplative houses, etcetera — in the countries where its members live; the degrees need to be translated into every possible language, especially the ones with the most number of speakers; needs to hold more and more International events; needs to cultivate leaders, writers, researchers, etcetera: Witch School Second Degree: During this period the Dedicant is considered a member of the Inner Court.

He has also co-hosted Chicago’s “The Witching Hour” radio program and appeared regularly as a guest on the “Telepathic Radio” program.

Leave a review at Goodreads. Lady Anna Rowe, whom he describes as being a wonderful and beautiful mentor, friend, guidance, role-model and inspiration — accompanied him all these years, by being his First, Second and Third Degree mentor; since the first day he signed up in Witch School!