MuVo TX FM as Knowledgebase Solutions, drivers, application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website. We have 2 Creative Muvo Muvo TX FM 1GB manuals. Creative Muvo Muvo TX MB: User Guide. Related Products for Creative Muvo Muvo. User’s Guide MuVo TX FM Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Creative.

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Creative Muvo Muvo TX 256MB User Manual

Transferring With Creative MediaSource, you can transfer files and audio tracks to and from your player. To switch between modes, see “Music Playback” Formatting If you need to format your player, first backup the files on your player to your computer.

User Preferences User Your player offers many configuration options. The naming convention typically used is: Play Modes Your player has Play Modes that crreative you to change how your tracks are played back.

Scroll Select the Scroller mode icon Figure to switch to the different views.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To install the driver, do the following: Creative Mediasource MediaSource music. General You may see this message when installing this driver or update.

To perform an autoscan and autosave 1.

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Creative Muvo Muvo TX FM 1GB Manuals

A Technical Specifications Technical Specifications Follow these directions to prevent the loss of data, or damage to your product or system. The player will only play valid formats. To transfer creatige or data files yx your player, refer to “Transferring Tracks or Files” FM [Current File Number].

More information about the Gracenote security update is available from http: Added Features or Enhancements: Adds FM recording for players with firmware 1. The Main Menu similar to Figure appears.

Safety and Handling Instructions Caring For While your player is quite robust, observing these handling procedures will prolong its life. To enable Music mode 1.

A portion of a track 2. Follow the instructions internet on the site and download the music files to your computer. Usage After playing a sequence of tracks, the player skips fk track.

You must already have one of the following applications listed in Requirements below on your computer to perform this update successfully. Keep away from strong crwative fields.

Creative Muvo Muvo TX FM 1GB Manuals

You will lose all content in your player when you install the firmware. This highlights additional or important information about a feature. Music To add audio tracks to your player, see “Transferring Tracks or Files” on page Playing a track When the Track Once Play Mode is enabled, playback ceeative once the current track ends. Player If you press a button while the player is locked, a popup window appears, prompting you to unlock the player.


Editing Audio Track Information To edit muvl about a track 1. When you format your player, all songs and files will be deleted.

Normal mode Once the “Normal” mode is enabled, each track is played back, from the first track to the last. The Main Menu Figure appears. Page 69 Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting Back up any audio or data files in your player to your computer before installing the firmware. A dialog box appears.

Creative nomad muvo mb manual – Google Docs

Before disconnecting your player from your computer, make sure that you stop your player properly first. These drivers only work with the players listed above. Usage Usage After playing a sequence of tracks, the player skips a track. Creative MediaSource is the best way to organize and transfer audio to and To listen to transferred from your player. Make sure your player is connected to cerative computer.

Normal Mode Normal mode Once the “Normal” mode is enabled, each track is played back, from the first track to the last.