Find the most up-to-date version of DA PAM at Engineering Enlisted MOS Specifications DA Pam , Chapter Note: Links are to the official milSuite site; CAC login requried. DA PAM – Military Occupational Classification and Structure. This new Department of the Army pamphlet– o Consolidates AR

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Verification requirements for enlistment in sa grade Applicant must provide the documentation reflected in paragraphs a through d to support enlistment in higher pay grade. Otherwise, the signature must be notarized. From Army G-1 Readiness: See NGRChap 6. In addition, this directive supersedes provisions in Army regulations and previous Army G-1 waiver guidance, which control medical and misconduct waiver authorities for applicants requesting enlistment, reenlistment, appointment, or accession.


Semester hours or quarter hours earned through college test programs may be used for advanced promotion, but may not be used for enlistment purposes. Refer to PPOM Applicant will be tested for the presence of alcohol and drugs. The enlistment name under which an individual may initially enlist in the U. Appropriate authority for determination of benefits is contained in other applicable regulation pertaining to finance and accounting, issuance of ID cards, and privileges.

The I card must be valid for more than 6 months from the ship date Phase 2 ship date if applicable. The definitions of dependent, spouses and children are for qualifications and criteria to enlist. If an applicant indicates that he or she withdrew from school during the current school year, 611-2 or she should be encouraged to return and complete high school.

DA PAM online | Army Study Guide

This consent of parents or legal guardians must be in writing before physical examination or enlistment. Refer to Redesigned Permanent Resident Card. Card must be original and legible. NPS applicants will be enlisted for eight years. Lam AR para h, Recruiters are not authorized to have applicants retested for the sole purpose of increasing aptitude area scores to meet standards prescribed for enlistment options or programs. They may extend their enlistment agreement or immediately reenlist at the end of their contractual obligation.

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Soldiers who elect not to extend or immediately reenlist will be discharged and assigned to the IRR. This option requires the applicant to 611-2 assigned to the Selected Reserve for a period of six years before being transferred to the IRR for the remaining two years.

Effective date and DOR will be the date the commander authorizes the promotion.

Per the ACMG, unit prioritization guides the distribution of personnel with particular attention to Soldiers in low-density career fields. Enlistment of qualified persons will be the foremost goal of persons who take part in, pqm are connected with, processing applicants for enlistment in the ARNG.

These definitions are not for the purpose of determination of pay or allowances, basic allowance for housing, medical, or other benefits.

Exceptions are shown in paragraph or when the applicant qualifies to enter in a higher entry pay grade as outlined under the ACASP. If the Secretary of the Army has exercised this authority, guidance on requirements will be available from the DCS, G Applicants who enlist in another name must complete the appropriate block on DD Form and provide supporting 6111-21.

The USAR Chaplain Loan Repayment Program Implementation Policy has been updated to clearly define the eligibility criteria, as well as the Soldier, Chaplain Recruiter, and Unit Administrator responsibility in the execution pa the written agreement and payment processing procedures.

Annotate in remarks section of DD Form series, the applicant must submit supporting documentation prior to ship date or within 6 months of enlistment, whichever comes first, in order to be advanced. No retroactive adjustment is authorized and each applicant will be advised that failure to produce documents before enlistment or after time frames above will cause them to forfeit entitlement to this incentive. Parental consent may not be obtained more than 30 days prior to the 17th birthday; applicants must be 17 years of age at time of the test, physical, and contracting into the ARNG.


No Splitting points ;am applicants who do apm meet the minimum aptitude area line score requirements for the MOS in which enlisting. Applicant is eligible for enlistment if he or she meets trainability and education requirements outlined in paragraph and requirements of specific MOS or option for which enlisting.

Unit commanders for ARNG 611-21, upon verification that a Soldier is authorized the advance promotion under this paragraph, will promote the Soldier, citing this paragraph as the authority.

Education credentials will be accepted from any institution that is State or 611–21 Government approved, or accredited by one of the accrediting organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education. Applicants who are MOS qualified regardless of time on active duty are considered prior service. An alien must enlist with pxm name as indicated on the USCIS Form I card or source document used to verify permanent resident status, unless married.

Dda are required for verification of academic classes to qualify for specific MOS requirements. An applicant who- 1 Has no qualifications for advancement to pay grade higher than E-1 may enlist at any time.

DA PAM 611-21 online | Army Study Guide

The provisions of Paragraph j apply for determination of clock, semester, and quarter hours. Requires ASO suitability approval.

No recall of the device has been issued. Pay grade and date of rank a. Guidance counselors will verify required documents to justify higher pay grade from one of the documents listed below. Refer to AR para d for the rest pxm this paragraph. Enlistment pay grades for personnel without prior Service a.