Design of Steel Structures Video Lectures, Civil Engineering Video Lectures, Design of Steel Structures Video Tutorials, Design of Steel Structures By Duggal, . Lecture Series on Design of Steel Structures by r Maity, Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Mod-1 Lec-1 Introduction to Design of Steel Structures. civil engineering study material, nptel videos for civil engineering, civil engineering video lectures.

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He has worked in Research Ddesign Pvt. Due to lack of workforce, we cannot currently take design of steel structures nptel requests on additional material or additional courses. Design of Column Splices Lecture Eccentric connections due to different plane of loading for both bolt and weld are discussed.

Steps for Design of Tension Members Lecture CE – Introductory Rock Mechanics.


The course provides material specifications and design considerations. It will be e-verifiable at nptel. Beams Week 10 Lecture He has served as faculty member in IIT Guwahati for seven years.

His research works concentrated mainly in computational mechanics which includes structural health monitoring, earthquake analysis of dams, vibration control of highrise buildings etc. Slab Base Lecture CE – Geology and Soil Mechanics.

Duggal —Tata McGraw Hill l. CE – Mechanics of Materials.

Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship. Introduction to Flexural Members: Suggestions – We would like to be perfect everytime and you just are taking us closer to perfection!! Laterally supported and unsupported beams, Built-up beams, Plate Girders.

Design of Compression Members Week 9: PH design of steel structures nptel Physics 2. Laterally Unsupported Beams Lecture Compressive Strength of Angle Struts Lecture Eccentrically Loaded Base Plate Lecture Criticisms – Yes, we take them positively and they keep us in the right path Suggestions – We would like to be perfect everytime and you just are taking us closer to perfection!!


Design of Steel Structures – Course

Design Overview Week 3: Design of Plug and Slot Weld Lecture Best 8 out of 12 assignments. Design of laterally unsupported Beams Week HS – Development planning design of steel structures nptel desigb appraisal.

Tension Members, Compression Members. Design of Steel Structures: Lacing Systems Lecture Concepts covered in this lecture: Design of Slab Base Lecture From Molecules to Materials: Select Student Faculty Others.