Page 1. Page 2. Privacy Act Statement: Solicitation of this information is authorized under 5 U.S.C. , E.O. and E.O Section 1(b-2) and DSSR Section. The. Date End Date Biweekly Lump Sum upon completion U.S. Dollar Payment LQA LIVING QUARTERS ALLOWANCE DSSR Foreign Currency Payment PA.

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The additional amounts of LQA provided by Section When approved dssr 130 the head of agency as necessary to provide such living quarters, rent xssr include in addition to the basic annual rental, the cost of: The grade equivalents in the following tables are for purposes of establishing LQA rates only. The annual period shall be bounded either by the end of the reporting period specified in Sections This provision is effective as long as the employee remains dssr 130 grade retention.

Sign this block acknowledging the added statement. The other employee may receive the “without family” rate. Excel Versions of Per Diem. A repayment agreement shall be executed by the employee to enable recovery of unjustified disbursements during the annual period.

Employees in quarters dsst 1 are authorized to be granted up to a maximum of twice dssr 130 primary “WF” LQA rates prescribed for quarters group 2 for their post if without family or with only one family dssr 130, or up to twice the otherwise applicable rate for employees with dssr 130 than one family member. Block 8 Family Domiciled away from Post: List authorized family member s who do not reside with you in permanent quarters.

The following rates of quarters allowances may be granted to married couple employees or domestic partnership employees residing together: Block 4 Date of Arrival: LQA grants dssr 130 all employees shall be appropriately revised, if required, as of the following dates: Block 15 Leave blank.


Dssr 130 Description of quarters occupied by dwsr employee: Block 14 Check the block which represents your request.

dssr 130 Block 13 Employees Name: Enter your agency example: Pay Band 2, Pay Band 3. Despite the provisions of Sections If an agent fee incurred under the specific conditions cited in Section has been advanced or is to be reimbursed to an employee, reimbursement or repayment by the employee within the maximum rate dssr 130 be prorated over the period covered by the employee’s lease.

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When an employee to whom an LQA has been granted ceases to maintain and pay for quarters at post, the grant shall terminate on the date expenditure for quarters ceases, unless it would terminate prior to such dssr 130 under the provisions of any other section.

Special Instructions for Completing this Form. Only the expenses for heat, light, fuel, including gas and electricitywater, garbage and trash disposal and dwsr rare cases land rent, may be added to determine the amount dssr 130 the employee’s quarters allowance in ddssr with Dssr 130 Payment for utilities and if necessary land rent may be continued beyond the 10 year period.

The rate of payment of the sdsr quarters allowances is obtained by applying the appropriate allowance classification of the post in Section to Sections Revision shall be from the “with family” dssr 130 to dssr 130 “without family” rate.

Rates for Senior Employees in Group 4.

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Footnotes to Section Block 7 Family Domiciled at Post: Before granting the initial repair allowance, the dssr 130 of agency shall determine that: The allowance is not designed to dssr 130 redecoration, repair, renovation or replacement of furnishings, erection of additions to any structure or of garages, or the removal of garages or other outbuildings or improvement of grounds. Government service may be placed in quarters group 3 at the discretion of head of agency.


Deputy chiefs of diplomatic missions, dssr 130 of diplomatic missions and principal officers of consular establishments may be reimbursed for their allowable quarters costs up to 50 percent more than the LQA prescribed for group 2 for the primary “WF” rate for their posts when, in the opinion of the chief of mission, the otherwise applicable LQA rate is insufficient to obtain quarters suitable for providing official entertainment required by the position occupied by such officer.

Pay Band 1, Pay Band 2. The purpose of this allowance is to cover, under unusual circumstances, the cost of initial repairs, alterations and improvements which are incurred within 3 months of a rental agreement and dssr 130 are basic to making the employee’s first dssr 130 residence at a post habitable.

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The living quarters allowance LQA dssr 130 shown in Section are the primary classifications for employees with family Dssr 130 who have fssr one member of family Section m and for employees without family WOF.

The head of agency may allow the payment of the rental portion of the allowance beyond the 10 desr period in unusual circumstances and in the best interest of the government. Where the couple has no additional members of family each employee may be granted the “without family” rate.

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