Dumog – Filipino Wrestling Martial Arts. Dumog is a Filipino style of stand-up wrestling. It also refers to the grappling techniques used by many. This program is a great addition striking techniques being used in self-defense. Mano-mano is an empty hands system taught in the Kombatan. Reviewed by Roberto Pedreira. Dumog is the “art of moving a body from point A to point B”, Paul Vunak explains. The techniques of Dumog are few, and simple.

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Using Kali’s triangle footwork to off balance and maneuver the attacker into throws, sweeps, and takedowns.

Technique, in this case, is an understanding of controlling points, or choke points. The head is the best dumog “choke point” according to Vu. Like, how do you get your hands hechniques a guy who is trying to hit you? This page was last edited on 5 Novemberat How do you grab a tough guy’s upper arm you’ll probably need both of your own to do it techniuqes move him?

Vu has apparently taken acting lessons and gotten his hair styled and seems to be going for the Tinseltown look. The players during contact can immediately used the Dumog technique to outbalance each other.

Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog – FMA Pulse

Now, let’s look at a few examples with which you can experiment. Dumog is the Filipino style of wrestling while standing upright and refers to the grappling aspect of Filipino martial arts. A gunting is a knife slash to the opponent’s attacking arm–an example of sumog the snake”. Pain compliance is an important aspect of any grappling art.


Digital Editions are also available. Now you simply turn into the angle described above, which is basically close to his back, and push. Hubud is a different matter. When these same techniques are used in a realistic street fight, other elements must be incorporated to produce maximum devastation. Here it seems that Vu is teaching you to do something because he likes doing rechniques, because he is good at doing it, or because he is pretty sure you don’t already know it, rather than because it is the best thing to do.

This branch is from a tree that is considered as one of the families of tfchniques medicinal tree.

Dumog – Wikipedia

As the opponent regains balance, simply twist the head in the opposite direction and repeat the process. The Dumog techniques are similar to Menang kabaw.

You must sense, or anticipate, the moment when your opponent will plant his foot to regain the balance that was lost during the biceps push. The e lbow hardening This is a special techniquea which is done only on the beach. The head controlling techniques can be found in traditional Jujitsu, Hapkido, Muay Thai and Silat, although there are variations in approach and grip.

But as Bruce Lee might have said, “food doesn’t hit back”. The elbow is brought high above the head and with vigorous force, the elbow together with the body is trapped into the sandy portion and is being repeated by using the left and right elbow. Views Read Edit View history.

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Grappling in Eskrima – The Basic Principles of Dumog

Choque 1, 3rd Edition. In fact, Vu doesn’t look impressive at all dumlg he executes most of the moves.

Vu assumes the punch will be a jab because that lets him enter with a gunting.

Dumog is a general tecjniques used to describe the Filipino art of wrestling and grappling. It certainly demonstrates that these techniques can be devastating against food. Immediately after the low tide, the Dumoguero goes into the shoreline and find a suitable place for him to practice.

After the numbness is removed then the hands are wrapped with thick clothes for keeping the flesh and the nerves safe against water or air that may cause bad rechniques into the hand blade. Philippine martial arts Wrestling in the Philippines Folk wrestling styles. Since there is no more “give” left and yechniques are making him light by lifting him slightly off the floor, he will be easy to move in any direction, provided that you keep the upper arm bone tight.

Above, Igor and Alon demonstrate the dumog head twist positions.