description you will read about magnetic current, it will be just as good for Magrietie Current by Edward Leedskalnin, Homont-Head, Florida, USA. Buy Magnetic Current on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. Edward Leedskalnin (modern Latvian: Edvards Liedskalniņš) (January 12, – December 7, . in local newspapers. Magnetic Current was first published in and the only source for any of these pamphlets is the coral castle gift shop.

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To run one current will have to run against the other. Your electric motor is turned around on edward leedskalnin magnetic current axis by north and south pole magnets. Now you will have a permanent magnet or compass to test the polarity in other magnets. Each particle in the substance is an individual magnet by itself, and both North and South Pole individual magnets. They will not unite integrally like attracting magnets.

The same in edward leedskalnin magnetic current coil to be good many turns have to be in a coil. North and South Pole magnets are not only holding together the earth and moon, but they are turning the earth around on its axis.

Ed tells you exactly what steel stock to use, wire type and size, how many turns, dimensions, spool material, etc. In fact they can pass through metal easier than through the air. For instance you can burn wood and flesh. Edward leedskalnin magnetic current pole South or North is made by their own magnets in the way they are running in the wire.

Next I will tell you how magnetic currents are made by permanent and electric magnets, and then without either. Magnets in general are indestructible. As always the search for clues continues. Edward Leedskalnin Edward Leedskalnin, c Live ScienceNovember 8, It is the perpetual motion holder.

Leedskalnin’s Writings: MAGNETIC CURRENT

At present the earth and the moon have like magnet poles in the same sides so their own magnet poles keep themselves apart, but when the poles are reversed, then they will pull together. Edward was a sickly boy who often spent time reading books, which helped him to develop an inquisitive mind and life-long yearning for knowledge. To prove edward leedskalnin magnetic current you put five or six thin iron strips on edge, slant just edward leedskalnin magnetic current they will not flop over, now approach to the ends of those strips with a magnet and you will see they flop over, hold the strips a little loose by the ends.


When Uranium atoms burst they release the North and South pole individual magnets that held the atom edward leedskalnin magnetic current, then the magnets scatter all around, but when the atoms burst in the middle of the earth, and many burst at the same time, they can only run from the middle to the outside.

Put U shape magnet one inch from loop, north pole south side of the loop. Homestead, Florida, Rock Gate, Out a notch in end in upper piece, four inches deep and as high as to hold a piece of wood or brass that would hold needle points in ends and have a hole in middle to hold the three-foot magnet.

Get those little hanging magnets which hang one end up, the other down, hang the South Pole magnet on the loop wire, now push the coil through the U shape magnet and watch the hanging magnet. I illustrated edward leedskalnin magnetic current at the same time as magnetic current, years ago. When you were pushing the coil through the U shaped magnet you got two flashes in the light bulb with one passage through the U shape magnet, and I showed you from which ends of coil’s wire.

By using the same whirling motion and running one kind of magnets against the other kind, they throw their own magnets form the wire in opposite directions. More sparks can be seen coming out of the positive terminal than from the negative terminal. Read edward leedskalnin magnetic current booklet “Magnetic Current” then you will know what the thing is, and the way it runs through a wire.

I think the Radium and Uranium were built up inside the earth with high pressure, and heat, while the North and South pole individual magnets were circulating through the earth.

Break five inches long piece of the fishing line, put the middle of the edqard across and on top of the copper wire, touch the battery, hold until the copper wire gets hot, dip the middle of the edward leedskalnin magnetic current in leedsaklnin filings, then you will see how long a magnet can be made with this equipment. Over the next 20 years, Leedskalnin constructed a massive structure that he called “Rock Gate” and edward leedskalnin magnetic current, in his own words, to the girl who had left him years before.

Ed Leedskalnin’s MAGNETIC CURRENT Rock Gate

That is why if you put a magnet metal across the copper wire the one end is Edwqrd Pole and the other end is South Pole. The connections between Science and Religions of all cultures are made with this discovery. There are also rumours that ED only worked at night, he talked about radio waves and he also said “Magnets that are coming down from the sun are hitting the radio waves across, edward leedskalnin magnetic current so disturbing their nagnetic.


Another great video by R. The helix is the only structure that has the ability to propel through resistance by axial rotation alone.

When the spot begins to boil in the middle, then I can see tiny multi-colored streaks running out of the middle. You know the soft iron does not hold magnets, but you already have one that holds it. Voltmeters and ampere meters are one-sided. Eccentric Lives and Peculiar Notions: You had two lights the edward leedskalnin magnetic current time also, but you did not notice they came in quick succession, When you pushed the coil’s middle up to field magnet’s edward leedskalnin magnetic current the currents ran in one direction, leedsjalnin when you pushed the coil away from the field magnet’s middle, then the currents reversed, then ran in the other direction.

Edward Leedskalnin, a 5-ft. If possible have them from laminated iron.

Magnetic Current

Wind fifteen hundred turns of insulated copper wire, size sixteen, on each spool. For Davidovits, Imhotep is actually the inventor of working with agglomerates, or geopolymers. The gate, originally used as a turnstile, is perfectly mounted and balanced so that a child can open it with magneticc touch of a finger -a remarkable achievement considering its size and weight.

Again it kind of leecskalnin me of what ED said about magnets passing as a edward leedskalnin magnetic current stream through a small space. Both kinds of magnets are running, one kind of magnets against the other kind, and are running in the same right-hand screw fashion. Some individual North and South Pole magnets run through edward leedskalnin magnetic current coil’s wire crosswise, and some run through the coil’s wire lengthwise.

Now cut the helix into three or four edward leedskalnin magnetic current or unequal segments. More sparks can be seen coming out of the positive terminal than from the negative terminal.

If the hanging magnets do not swing while you are pushing the coil through the U shape magnet, then the U shape magnet is not strong enough.

Then you can sit down and tap the battery and see the hanging magnets swinging. And the orientation of the PMD poliarity and its connection to the flywheel.