Facing Up: A Remarkable Journey to the Summit of Mount Everest [Bear Grylls] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Andrew Sloey in Bear Grylls Facing Up () Bear Grylls Facing Up () Andrew Sloey in Bear Grylls Facing Up () Lhamo and Dholkar in Bear Grylls . Facing Up and over 2 million other books are available for Amazon Kindle. .. Bear Grylls: Two All-Action Adventures: Facing Up – Facing the Frozen Ocean.

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Facing up Bear Grylls

I wanted to know what happened next, did he make the next bit or was it a disaster? Whilst I have seen Bear on TV I knew nothing of his previous achievements and having read some books on the disaster recently I thought I would give this one a try.

Bear had always dreamed of climbing Everest but broke his back as a young man, recovered, struggled to raise sponsorship, right to the last minute, then was forced to stay at base camp during the first attempt, so sick he couldn’t lace up his boots There’s not loads of it, it’s interspersed, and Bear rarely swears himself throughout, gryllls I could’ve done without some of it.

I love that it is all real, yet so exciting! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Against the odds, Bears Everest attempt was successful, he was the youngest ever Briton to reach the peak at age So much can go wrong on that mountain, I cannot understand why people put themselves through it, but so many do! May 31, Duncan Cameron rated it really liked it. In Facing Uphowever, Bear Grylls does a really excellent job of explaining what it’s like the rest of the time–the climbing back and forth between camps, the waitin The beginning was a little rough, but once he got going, Bear did not disappoint.


Bear’s book is an honest opinion of the climb. June 7, at I was a little surprised at how mature Bear seemed at twenty-three – which is completely a compliment! Inspiring and highly recommended.

A very well written, descriptive and honest account of all the challe Before I read this book, I don’t think I’d heard of Bear Grylls, but I am drawn to any book about Everest because I have something of an obsession with the mountain and the region.


Want to Read Currently Reading Read. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The sense of humor present in this book is pretty darn amazing and the amount of respect that Bear holds for the mountain can be perceived properly.

Whilst i purchased it and got back to my room to start reading it I was wondering the possibility of Bear The guy from the man vs wild show!! Against the odds, Bear’s Everest attempt was successful, he was the gryl,s ever Briton to reach the summit at age I faving recommend this book enough!

Feb 04, Christine Blachford rated it really liked it. His achievments are immense. What followed was months of rehabilitation and an end to his career.

Bear Grylls Facing Up – Review

The book is centred around Bear Grylls’ expedition of reaching summit Everest at only 23 years old. Even though you know the end result it is quite a ride. Your email address will not be published.

This book serves as an inspiration for the power of human will. Would be interesting to see how his writing style changes as he’s got older.

I wont be climbing it. From getting sponsors, to getting to base camp, to the constant back and forth to higher camps to adjust to the altitude, to waiting around for days and weeks for the weather to change, etc. There was also a great camaraderie between himself and facijg members of the expedition which must have helped them all in the gruelling challenges they all faced. Though some of their antics can get partial credit for that! Mr Grylls comes from a very privileged background which always helps in these types of events and although he talks about not having much money and an old banger of a car the money is there as a very nice safety cushion.

At the end of the book I’m still not sure whether this is really a “journey you take” or an “ordeal you survive”. The whole time you felt like you were right there with gylls, and he doesn’t just tell you the big moments about his summit, he tells you the little things that let you know the joy and the pain of what he went through.


In Facing Uphowever, Bear Grylls does a really excellent job of explaining what it’s like the rest of faciing time–the climbing back and forth between camps, the waiting, the fear and anticipation and excitement, the dealing with other people, the dangers, the bad food, the physical toll the mountain takes on the body You can follow Bear on twitter BearGrylls. Only if you are sick, on drugs, etc. Facing Up is a humble, funny, and inspiring tale by the youngest Briton to summit Everest and return alive.

Bear Grylls Facing Up (TV Short ) – IMDb

I was a little surprised at how ma I have to admit that I love Bear Grylls. It showed all the details of what it takes to climb Everest without ever gryllls dull. Proudly powered by WordPress. You will be laughing and terrified as this twenty-three year old climbs Everest up and down to reach its summit.

That’s a great place to start from when you’re climbing to the top of the world.

Les is more about surviving where you are whereas Bear is all about getting back to civilization. I’ll never climb Mt Everest myself, but reading another person’s account is the next best thing.

It in no way made me want to attempt to climb Everest myself, but it helped me to understand why people do it, and Facng really admire those people greatly–especially those who manage to turn themselves back without attaining their goal after they’ve invested so much time and expense and hard work in their effort to reach the summit, when pushing on would almost certainly mean death.