Fires Of Winter [Roberta Gellis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The windswept plains of medieval England were torn by the raging. Melusine of Ulle, daughter of Scottish nobility, is given in marriage to Bruno of Jernaeve, who secures her land for his sovereign, King David. Born enemies, the . Fires of Winter continues the story Gellis began in A Tapestry of Dreams, and tells the story of Lady Audris’ illegitimate half brother Bruno.

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What reviewers are saying about Fires of Winter: Fires of Winter Roberta Gellis Limited preview – For fans of medieval romance who are looking for something a little different, this would be a great story to check out. The King and Queen Maud decide a marriage of convenience for them and one could say that this more romantic side of the story continues till they come to terms with each other.

I dare anyone not to be hooked! Beloved trusted friend of the King of England and trusting handsome love of the Queen puts Bruno in a position of some import. He would end up being released when Queen Maud imprisons Robert of Gloucester planning and exchange between them but it led to Henry, son of Matilda, being sworn heir to the throne of England after Stephen’s death. I now know something of the history of that time period, although I do not know how accurate it is. After that, things started to devolve into your standard historical romance.


I found a used copy because I did not want to wait. That is all she asks for. I found both to be utterly boring.

Fires of Winter – Roberta Gellis – Google Books

You submitted the following rating and review. Although she is better known for her Roselynde Chronicles whenever I find one of her books I always feel pretty happy and save them for a rainy day.

It was the first historical romance I read, and it enthralled me. Jun 28, Gail rated it liked it Shelves: Book 1 is about Bruno’s half sister so they are connected, but does not have to be read in order.

Fires of Winter

Interestingly, he displays a kind of innocence in his thoughts and actions as he falls in love with his wife. For who knows what reason I never got itStephen decides to knight Bruno and marry him to Melusine, who is half mad with grief over vires loss of her family and home, and when she recognizes her new husband as the man who took her from Ulle she attempts to kill him while he’s sleeping.

They meet in less that happy circumstances as Bruno, a knight in King Stephen’s entourage, is invading Melusine’s keep as her father and brother have turned traitor.

This is a book sinter lose yourself in.

Historical Fiction Online

The Trouble with Dukes. It was called Vantage Point and about the 80 millionth time they went back to explain it I was ready to take extreme measures just to make it stop. The first few chapters are mainly character development, and there is sometimes the feeling of backtracking. No Britneys as far as I’ve read though!


Gellis probably expected this and it definitely kept this reader hooked while slowly driving me towards insanity…. Each chapter is told in alternating points of view. And her noble name made her a threat to the new king. Fires of Winter Volume gwllis of Tales robreta Jernaeve. November 1, Imprint: But her family and her life were destroyed by the ravages of war. B This delight is a classic of yesteryear and a great winter read for those long cold nights with a good cup of tea, warm throw and a bit of chocolate.

Melusine of Ulle, daughter of Scottish nobility, is given in marriage to Bruno of Jernaeve, who secures her land for his sovereign, King David. I dare anyone not to be hooked! Too Scot to Handle. Told in alternating first-person perspectives, it roberts slooooowly – birth, parentage, childhood, siblings; deaths of siblings, deaths of parents; assorted plagues, political disputes, wunter wars; etc.

Lady Jenny’s Christmas Portrait.

Fires of Winter by Roberta Gellis – FictionDB

Jun 14, Jo Mixed Book Bag rated it really liked it. A bastard son of an English lord, Bruno of Jernaeve was born with nothing.

Three stars, only recommended for die-hard Gellis fans. Now I’m collecting the e-books.

This book can be mistaken for historical romance, but personally I would not say it is that.