Gregg Braden. New York Times best-selling author of RESILIENCE FROM THE HEART, FRACTAL TIME, THE GOD CODE and THE DIVINE MATRIX and is a. Gregg Braden investigates what it would mean to discover an ancient language – a literal message – hidden within the DNA of life itself, and shows what was. 1 Feb What would it mean to discover an ancient language—a literal message—hidden within the DNA of life itself? What we once believed of our.

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Resilience from the Heart: Braden suggests that discovering the existence of God’s signature in our very DNA could also have the same effect. Nov 02, Peter rated it it was amazing. Every hard science was once in the realm of what would be called a pseudoscience at one point, so braddn is worth giving it some benefit of the doubt and gregg braden the god code chance to iron out some of those wrinkles and see what you come up with, but he has written better works than this one.

What Happened to Gregg Braden?

This stuff is simply mind-boggling and definitely not for the weak digestive system. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. On page 16, he says “Pioneer 10 [the satellite] was almost 11 light years away, so it took 11 hours to send the signal and another 11 for it to be returned,” which is obviously ludicrous to anyone who knows what a light gregg braden the god code is.


In Hebrew, every letter is assigned a number. We all want this.

It makes me sad that people actually believe this crap. The holes in his theory are very easy to spot and as wide as the Grand Canyon.

I will update this review when I am finished reading it. I deep down wish it was true, but I think you can see by the books popularity, no one else jumped on that particular wagon either.

Prior to this, many people based our existence on evolution.

The God Code – Message Encoded as the DNA of Life

They are also the symbols of more, of a deeper reality. The author states, “The odds that this relationship braedn occurred by chance are approximately 1 inThere is something hidden Search WWW Search www.

Books by Gregg Braden. This book is beyond words. No doubt, the author was well versed in the research and that may have been the problem, as the topic was so familiar to him.

Hypnosis Mind Body Healing. Published 4 months ago. There are no coincidences, but a deep and hidden explanation “How could the members of gregg braden the god code Nicean Council have known that the book they would produce would eventually become the basis for one of the great religions of the world [ Sep 02, James Williams rated it it was amazing.

This is covers several topics but, in my opinion, ties them all together. Unlocking the Mystery of Divine Healing.

This is a very illuminating book!! Start reading The God Code on your Kindle in under a minute.


Gregg Braden’s The God Code – A Critique

The Power to Thrive in Life’s Gregg braden the god code. I think all of his other messages in this book are what’s important. Jul 22, Iona Stewart rated it liked it. Amazon Ggod Fun stories for kids on the go. From this tiny numerological connection he bases his entire case and claims a whole new science.

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future

So, I’m not sure it’s such a big deal that the author has figured out that or DNA spells out God’s name I like everything in this book except the core premise. This relationship was described in sacred texts, such as the Hebrew Sepher Yetzirah, at least 1, years before modern science gregg braden the god code such connections. But Braden seems caught up in the role of a scientific New Age prophet, and he is now compelled to dredge up pseudoscience if no real science is there to back up his claims.

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