Revised IIAR Bulletin Identification of Ammonia Piping. & System Components Marking Services, Inc. provides turnkey pipe labeling, from. References >> IIAR Bulletin No. Guidelines for Identification of Ammonia Refrigeration Piping and System Components. Find the most up-to-date version of IIAR – BULLETIN at Engineering

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Don’t Panic: Revised Guidelines for Ammonia Systems

iiar bulletin 114 You must sign in to the website to access this content. Existing buoletin for identification are considered acceptable. What Else is New? Component markers will bear the name of the equipment they identify, e.

The most important factor in labeling is consistency, so if your facility follows the old labeling scheme YELLOW labelsthen I would recommend continuing with that scheme. Whether you are in need of a complete process safety management program or simply looking for a second opinion, Resource Compliance is here to help. The following chart shows the recommended pipe marker letter height and marker size based on the outside pipe diameter of the pipe to be identified and the distance between the viewer and the pipe.

IIAR 2 is a design and installation standard which is written specifically for the industrial ammonia refrigeration industry. Here are a few highlights worth knowing:. While the previous version of the Bulletin used a design that iiar bulletin 114 mostly yellow, the current labels are mostly orange. Pressure in excess of 70 psig will be considered to be high pressure and printed in black letters on a red band.


They include preferred designations for several iiar bulletin 114 types of equipment. The reference chart, legend, or key should iiar bulletin 114 made of durable material that will remain legible.

Standard: IIAR – BULLETIN 114

Iiar bulletin 114 components of the refrigeration system, e. Ammonia refrigeration is a powerful technology, but these large systems are complicated and can be dangerous. Yellow pipe labels were used to mark any pipe containing a hazardous material. There are no items in your cart.

Iiar bulletin 114 equal to or less than 70 psig will be considered to be low pressure and printed in black on a green band. How is the length of each color field determined? Pipe location, from a viewer’s standpoint, will be different on every installation. Applying abbreviations of the names commonly given to components or equipment bullein an ammonia refrigeration system will assist the operator in identifying components and tracing system piping.

There are two requirements for these alternate schemes:. iiar bulletin 114

If you would like to become a member Join Now! Do the changes to the standard mean bullettin you need to replace all of iiar bulletin 114 existing labels? Anhydrous ammonia is not the sort of stuff you want to go swimming in! Ammonia Refrigeration Training Guideline Everyone in the industry agrees that we need more, better trained operators.

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IIAR Bulletin #

As a whole, though, the recommended label format has kept its shape. A reference chart that fully explains the ammonia refrigeration piping and component identification markers, including the approved abbreviations, should be placed in areas bulldtin are conspicuous to operating personnel. Vulletin format was in place in the previous revision of the guideline, so many engineers are already familiar with it.

All Brimar products are manufactured in the USA. Over 10″ Legend Size: Looking iiar bulletin 114 Process Safety Consultation? Revised Guidelines for Ammonia Systems. Iiar bulletin 114 of your employees will benefit from these improvements.

iiar bulletin 114 Since the hazards of ammonia relate to its toxicity, and not its ability to catch fire, the labels should be orange. Inthough, the standard was revised.