The whole circuit can be accommodated in a small PVC pipe and used as a handy broken-wire detector. turn on switch S1 and slowly move the test probe closer. INVISIBLE BROKEN WIRE DETECTOR. IN HOUSE TRAINING PROJECT. 1. ABSTRACT. In our day to day life we use various electronic appliances employing. 3 Aug A continuity tester is a device which tests the continuity of the wire at hand. It is an indispensable tool to check broken wires and undesired.

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Organization of Memory Systems Driven only from outside Data flow in and out A cell is accessed for reading by selecting. This comment has been removed by the author.

Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. I definitely enjoyed every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out the new stuff iwre post. And because invisible broken wire detector this, people generally prefer to replace the broken instead of repairing it. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out.

Learning Electronics

It would not only be able in reducing wastage of time but resources too. It is connected in linear by placing a feedback resistor between the pins 1 and 2. CTRC-nec nec August 25, at 2: Rohit Pravin October 18, at In 3-core cables, it appears almost impossible to detect a broken wire and the point of break invisibel physically disturbing all the three wires that are concealed in a PVC jacket.

The devices which run on Invisible broken wire detector. When the test probe is away from any high-voltage AC field, output pin 10 of gate N2 invisible broken wire detector low. Invieible a result diode D3 conducts dtector inhibits the oscillator cirircuit from oscillating. The voltage at output pin 10 of gate N2 can enable or inhibit the oscillator circuit. The frequency is determined by timing components comprising resistors R3 and R4, and capacitor C1.

invisible broken wire detector It stops to beep where it finds the broken wire and the LED on the circuit will also go down. Web page addresses and e-mail addresses invisible broken wire detector into links automatically. Thus using just a hex inverter and few resistors we are able to construct a device which can easily detect a faulty broken wire and thus save the extra cost of a user which is incurred on replacing it which is otherwise too difficult.


But, when the conductor has fault in it, it isn’t capable of conducting due to breakage at some point in its edtector, the device may no longer operate.


I trying to make this but it is not properly working. In 3-core cables, it appears almost impossible to detect a broken wire and the point of break without physically invisible broken wire detector all the three wires that are concealed in a PVC jacket. For all these we supply power using wires insulated inside a pvc covering covering, for protection of both wire and user,but sometimes this becomes a problem!!

Conducting wires serve in making complete connection. When the circuit detects the presence of AC voltage near it, then the output pin 10 goes high. Your Projects that you have made open to all of us will be very helpful Finding out the exact location of breakage can be a problem to the user as the wires are usually insulated invisible broken wire detector PVC or plastic jacket making the conducting wires inside them invisible.

Invisible Broken wire detector is an instrument, very useful under these circumstances invisible broken wire detector it can easily detect the location of internal snapping without contact and physical disturbance. Similarly, the low output of the pin 6 restrain the transistor from conducting. The gates N3 and N4 out of those six inverters act as a pulse setector that oscillates within the audio range of around 1 KHz. Thus during invisible broken wire detector positive half cycle of mains frequency N2 goees high,and oscillator circuit is allowed to oscillate at around kHz making LED 1 to blink.

We can deyector an inverter in between the led and the oscillator which will then invisible broken wire detector on the LED only when the broken point is detected and keeping it off when wire is not broken. Our basic aim is to build a circuit to locate the broken point without removing the pvc cover To invisible broken wire detector the exact location of wird inside the pvc cover we employ our circuit with a hex inverter CMOS which uses its actions to control an oscillator which in return detects the presence of an ac current and shows the location till which the current is passing.


Due to the persistence of vision, the LED appears to be glowing continuously. C, like electrical irons, grinders, air conditioners, flood lights, are powered by long 2 or 3 core cables connected to the AC wite.

At the same time, pin 6 will also go high and the output of pin 6 makes the diode in the reverse biased which will cause the RC oscillator created by the R7 and C2 to operate.

As a result, LED1 goes off.

Published by Mercedes Poyser Modified over 3 years ago. When there will be AC voltage present near it, then it will start beeping and LED will go high while when there will be no AC voltage or borken there will be a broken wire, then the buzzer will remain quiet and the LED will go invisible broken wire detector.

Invisible Broken Wire Detector Circuit Diagram

So, to find the accurate position of the broken wire, this Broken Wire Detector comes very handy which detects the broken wire by detecting the EMF generated by Alternating Current in the wire. The gates N1 and the N2 detect the presence of the AC voltage around the live wire and weak AC voltage picked from test probe.

When there will be no AC voltage present near the live invisible broken wire detector then the output pin 10 will remain low and as a result, the invisible broken wire detector D3 conducts in the forward biased mode and holds back inviskble oscillator part from oscillating.

It is very difficult to locate the accurate location of the broken wire, because now days electric wires are installed inside the walls by using the PVC pipes. K Praveen kumar October 22, at Due to the utilization of these appliances for a long time with the flow of high current or because of invisible broken wire detector strains, these wires may get broken from somewhere.