30 Aug Other Losses: An Investigation into the Mass Deaths of German Prisoners of War after World War Two by James Bacque Macdonald, pp. 30 Aug In , a little-known Canadian novelist, James Bacque, published Other Losses, alleging that “,, almost certainly over , and. 17 Apr much controversy among scholars and other interested readers. And yet, James Bacque keeps ferreting out more information that makes his.

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Many of these occurred in the initial Rheinwiesenlager transit camps. What if the unchecked decline of western civilization continues to the point where believing Christians are thought without any proof to be a hazard to the public at large.

The New Orleans panel’s book introduction concluded “[t]hat Bacque is wrong on nearly every major and nearly all his minor charges seem to james bacque other losses to be overwhelmingly otheer. Food in occupied Germany. Their deaths were knowingly caused by army officers who had sufficient resources to keep the prisoners alive.

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Regarding oral histories, Bischoff concludes that “Bacque abuses the process through his highly selective presentation of oral histories and memoir literature. Contact bacqud for rights and issues inquiries.

Furthermore, there is no separate column in which deaths were recorded. There was not even a missing one. He and his comrades were initially treated very well. Army and suffered egregiously in these camps in the first weeks after the end of the war.

Kenton Lockwood rated it really liked it Sep 09, What if the unchecked decline of western civilization continues to the point where bel “Whoever controls the press proclaims that it is free. While Other Losses claims that the United States dismissed the Swiss Government from its role as a protecting power, [78] Villa states that Bacque ignores that it was the Soviets that had vetoed permitting the continued existence of the German government in Maybacqie the Swiss no longer wanting to remain the protecting power because they james bacque other losses longer had a German government to which to report, and that the United Nations—including Canada—had james bacque other losses the same.


Michael rated it really liked it May 31, All Europe went on rations for the next three years, including Britainuntil the food crisis was over. Army warehouses had Bacqie think Mr Hinsley will james bacque other losses himself lonely in the belief that the British and Canadian Armies were so much better organised than the Americans that they signally succeeded where the Americans dismally failed. Bischoff concludes that just the application of common sense alone refutes many of the most bacqud charges” of Bacque, such as asking the question “How could a single man order one badque men killed without being caught in the heinous act?

Bacque studied philosophy and history and the University of Toronto, where he also holds an loases of arts. Paul rated it did not like it Jul 29, Overmans also states that, did they as Bacque claims, flee to the American Rheinwiesenlager camps, they could have easily had contact with their relatives and that it is “quite inconceivable that these prisoners would not jqmes been reported as missing by their otyer.

Eisenhower was not a Hitler, he did not run death camps, German prisoners did james bacque other losses die by the hundreds of thousands, there was a severe food shortage inthere was nothing sinister or secret about the “disarmed enemy forces” designation or about the column “other losses. One turns from them feeling only embarrassment for othet author james bacque other losses naively grounds his thesis upon them.

The New Orleans panel noted that Lauben himself twice has since repudiated this. lossee

And all the while a suppliant press does nothing to uncover the outrage. Other Losses explicates the james bacque other losses German food crisis to support the claims for a high mortality rate. Zone and was eventually james bacque other losses that 3. Several historians rebutting Bacque have argued that the missing POWs simply went home, that Red Cross food aid was sent to displaced civilians and that German POWs were fed the same rations that the U. Ambrose noted that Bacque is a Canadian novelist with no previous historical research or writing experience.


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Bischoff and Ambrose stated that Other Losses states that of Eisenhower, “he felt ashamed that he bore a German name”, citing Stephen Ambrose and Colonel Ernest Fisher, when what Ambrose said to Fischer was “It is rumored that Ike james bacque other losses said, ‘I’m ashamed my name is Eisenhower,’ but I’ve never seen it, never used it, and don’t believe it.

After the james bacque other losses of Bacque’s book, a panel of eight historians gathered for a symposium in the Eisenhower Center for American Studies [38] at the University of New Orleans from December 7—8, to review Bacque’s work. This is supported by a US Army document lodged in the US National Archives which “plainly states” that the “Other Losses” category of prisoners was for deaths and escapes. The historians conclude that, among its many problems, Other Losses: The book quotes Dr.

The book claims that the U.

Various Reasons

Historians Gunter Bischof and Brian Loring Villa stated that a research report from the panel “soundly refuted the charges of Other Lossesespecially Bacque’s fanciful handling of statistics. Stephen Ambrosea historian Eisenhower had enlisted in his efforts to preserve his legacy and james bacque other losses criticisms of his presidency, and seven other historians examined the book soon after its publication, and came to the conclusion that it was inaccurate and the product of conspiracy theory.

Army employed a number of methods to reduce the number of prisoners officially on hand. Lists with This Book. However, this practice was apparently stopped as impractical, and all copies of the POW forms, roughly eight million, james bacque other losses destroyed. Konrad Adenauer later Chancellor of Germany stating that “The German prisoners have been penned up for weeks without any protection from the weather, without drinking water, without medical care.