Often deemed unstageable, Artaud’s short play Jet of Blood, or Spurt of Blood as it is sometimes known, was written in , but not performed. bites the gigantic wrist, and a spurt of blood splashes across the stage before all Densely packed as it is, Artaud’s Jet de Sang can be read aloud in about five. Jet of Blood, adapted from Antonin Artaud, directed by Olivia Allen. Designed by Adam Gardnir, lighting by Luke Hails, sound by Hayley.

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However the production was never mounted.

Artaud, on the other hand, claimed he was recording intolerable realities from which there was no escape. The “cruelty” he demanded from theatre had an artaid moral purpose.

The Spurt of Blood

Baal, pagan Lord of Heaven, god of rain and fertility. In ket this hypocrisy, Artaud subverts innocence and love so that they become depravity, lust, and fear. This article has an unclear citation style.

He never romanticised his sickness: Of the original The Spurt of Blood, only the opening dialogue between two young lovers has remained. It’s not hard to imagine Michael Palin or John Cleese delivering the following lines from the show: But the gravity of his theories and texts concerning the relationship between darkness and light, greed and innocence, devotion and loathing, death and being — it all comes assertively across in this production.

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Sontag is correct when she points to the extremity of his “moral rigour”, commenting that Oliver Cromwell and Girolamo Savanarola might well have approved the theatre he proposed. Perhaps the most telling symptom is the lack of disgust in this show.

On this experience alone you conclude that Abu Ghraib is the ultimate Artaudian theatre.

Subscribe to this thread:. They culminate in this nightmarish vision: Perhaps the theatre scene here is perceived to actively discourage risk-taking, but I will also tentatively note that maybe Postmodernism and Modernism are ot interesting precisely because they are not inducted into the mainstream.

ot Jet of Blood was completed in Paris, on January 17,perhaps in its entirety on that day alone. Just to be very clear: From his adolescence, Artaud was periodically incarcerated with a condition that looks very like schizophrenia. But more problematically than that, the show demonstrates limitations bloodd imagination, rather than its liberation. He shouldn’t have; Artaud himself was a great fan of the Marx Brothers and a firm believer in the anarchic irreverence of comedy.

Making Artaud is, in many ways, also an unmaking of Artaud. These go beyond simple cruelty, mocking the attitudes and sensibilities of people at the time it was artadu, but show a generally harsher view of humanity.


Jet of Blood – Wikipedia

His revolution was solely cultural: One reason might be that the whole is enclosed in a narrative of if. However, there is a certain clumsiness in the mise en scenea repetition of thought perhaps, that even in a show as short as this 50 minutes begins to be felt as a numbing of surprise: Uet see Andrew Haydon in the G Spurt of Blood is an incredibly provocative play, featuring minimal dialogue, raining limbs and swarms of scorpions.

It certainly marks the debut of a promising new company, and I’ll watch their evolution with interest. At the core of the play is a simple and eloquent juxtaposition: Challenging, stringent avant chamber play. I’ve had internet problems. I admire Artaud’s writing, and I greatly admire many of the artists who are influenced by his work.

And I think they should be faced, rather than denied. July Learn how and when to remove this template message. By Aimee Levitt It is implied that these two are the parents of the Young Girl and are somehow related to the Young Man as well.