geometrijski-oblici · sredjivanje pomalo, 2 years ago. animirana- geometrija · sredjivanje pomalo, 2 years ago. konstruktivna-geometrija · cistka samo. S.A, Madrid () Brauner, H., Kickinger, W.: Geometrija u graditeljstvu. Školska knjiga, Zagreb () Honenberg, F.: Konstruktivna geometrija u tehnici. [2] I. Babic, S. Gorjanc, A. Slicpcevic, V. Szirovicza: Konstruktivna geometrija — vjczbe, IGH-Zagreb. [3] N. Bakic, A. Milas, Zbirka zadataka iz lincarnc algebre.

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In this paper the concept of cosymmedian triangles in an isotropic plane is defined. The “geometric” concepts of midpoint, parallelogram and affine-regular octagon is introduced in a general ARO-quasigroup. We investigate different ways of generating this special hyperbola and derive its equation in the case of a standard triangle in an isotropic plane. In this paper we examine the relationships between cubic structures, totally symmetric medial quasigroups, and commutative groups.

In the Euclidean plane Griffiths’s and Thebault’s pencil of the circles are generally different. In the case of a standard triangle the expressions for the center and the axis of this homology are given.

Konstruktivna geometrija – Google Books

Basic equipment and supplementary elements. Home Organizational Units Departments. Fundamentals in engineering graphics. Volenec, The meaning of computer search in the study of some classes of IM-quasigroups, Croatian Journal of Education geometrjaJ.

The relationships between the introduced concepts and some well known elements of a triangle will also be studied. Understanding geometrical structure of 3D shapes and their optimal 2D representation. Standards and standard numbers. The relationships between the areas and the Brocard angles of the standard triangle and its Kiepert triangle are studied. The concept of Apollonius circle and Apollonius axes of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane will be introduced.

In this paper the concept of ARO-quasigroup is introduced and some geomstrija which are valid in a general ARO-quasigroup are proved. The theorem of the unique determination of the affine regular icosahedron by means of its four vertices which satisfy certain conditions will be proved.

We prove that some remarkable points of a triangle in an isotropic plane lie on that hyperbola whose center is at the Feuerbach point of a triangle. The concept of the Steiner point of a triangle in an isotropic plane is defined in this paper.


Introduction to engineering graphic communications. Some geomrtrija about new konxtruktivna obtained from the vertices of an affine-regular heptagon are also studied.

Zdenka Kolar-Begović

Some statements about relationships between introduced concepts and some other previously geonetrija geometric concepts about triangle will be investigated in an isotropic plane and some analogies with the Euclidean case will be also considered.

Development of spatial imagination and visualization, acquiring engineering knowledge on the most rational graphic representation of combined forms.

In this paper the concept of Crelle-Brocard points of the triangle geoemtrija an isotropic plane is defined. The images of some well known elements of a triangle with respect to this mapping will be studied. It will be shown that the affine fullerene C60, which is defined as an affine image of buckminsterfullerene C60, can be obtained only by means of the golden section.

Thereby different properties of the symmedian center, the Gergonne point, the Lemoine line and the de Longchamps line of these triangles are obtained.

Other ways of graphic representation. Some other statements about the introduced concepts and the connection with the concept of complementarity, isogonality, reciprocity, as well as the Konsyruktivna diameter, the Euler line, and the Steiner point of an allowable triangle are also considered.

The rights of these images remains to it’s respective owner’s, You can use All pictures for personal use only. All content images within our website www. Departments Faculty of Technical Sciences. Shape and position tolerances. Fundamental elements of geometry. Perspective co linearity and affinity, transitional developmental surfaces.

In this paper, the concept of an ARH-quasigroup is introduced and identities valid in that quasigroup are studied. Representation of space, projecting orthogonal, cavalier and axonometric. They are so many great picture list that may become your creativity and informational purpose of Nacrtna Geometrija Knjiga design ideas for your own collections.

Nacrtna Geometrija Knjiga – New Drama

Some analogies with the Euclidean case are considered as well. Volenec, Thebault circles of the triangle in an isotropic konstruktivba, Mathematical Communications 15Abstract In this paper the existence of three circles, which touch the circumscribed circle and Euler circle of an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane, is proved.

The concept of the affine fullerene C60 will be constructed in a general GS-quasigroup using the statements about the relationships between affine regular pentagons and affine regular hexagons. Teaching students to be able to independently develop technical drawing manually or using a computer. Mitov Dejan Assistant – Master.


The connections of the introduced concept with some other elements of the triangle in an isotropic plane are also studied. Structure of data for engineering graphics. Some other statements about the Steiner point and the connection with the concept of the complementary triangle, the anticomplementary triangle, the tangential triangle of an allowable triangle as well as the Brocard diameter and the Euler circle are also proved. It is also proved that an allowable triangle and any of its Kiepert triangles are homologic.

A number of statements about some important properties of these triangles will be proved. You might also use this website to see out when a exclusive day or the date of the latest films. The dual Feuerbach theorem for an allowable triangle in an isotropic plane is proved analytically by means of the so-called standard triangle. The concept of the affine-regular hexagon, by means of six parallelograms, is defined and investigated in any parallelogram space and geometrical interpretation in the affine plane is also given.

In this paper it is shown that in an isotropic plane the pencils of circles, corresponding to the Griffiths’s and Thebault’s pencil of circles in the Euclidean plane, coincide. This may useful if thee are looking for a specific movies or tv series you want to know what the week number of a date in is. Some relations between these three circles and elements of a triangle are investigated. Important properties of the Kiepert hyperbola will be investigated in the case of the standard triangle. Free Online Nacrtna Geometrija Knjiga is a bustling film discussed and attracts viewers from all over the world who are so eagerly awaited by viewers to immediately watch Nacrtna Geometrija Knjiga so this movie is very crowded on the conversation and enjoyed.