6 Jan La Hasil by Umaira Ahmed Umera Ahmad is a Pakistani author and screenwriter. She chooses a variety of topics to write about. She mainly. La Hasil By Umera Ahmed Pdf Download and Online Read Free this Urdu Novel. It is Complete Romantic Story Novel Umera Ahmed. Download Famous Urdu. La Hasil is Umera Ahmad’s very interesting novel. In this she discussed a little the life and nature of Najma Sultana. Read it free Here.

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This left irreparable scars on their lives. Khadija Noor, the center stage personality is the epitome of belief, patience, along with self-sacrifice.

Khadija Noor, the centre stage character is the epitome of la hasil by umera ahmed, patience and self-sacrifice. This non-believer falls in love with a Muslim and converts to Islam and then it starts with the same old story of the hardships and misfortune, view spoiler [ but then obviously everything has to flowing towards smooth ending hide spoiler ] which can easily be seen in any of her other novels.

This Pak Society web site is amazing and I have not seen any web site like this.

The novel comes with the big lesson to stay content with whatever you have. Its not that bad a novel.


Umera Ahmed has always been my favorite author. Dajjal 3 August 10, 69, 3.

La Hasil Novel By Umaira Ahmed

Thanks for telling us about the problem. She is known for authoring publications such as Pir-e-Kamil and La Hasil. But yes, no one, ah,ed Umera Ahmed can do that. This abandoned irreparable scars on their lives. She b Umera Ahmed is one of the most widely-read and popular Urdu fiction novelist and screenplay writer of this era.

A line from the book “people beat the drum of religion only to impress others with prayer and pomposity but when la hasil by umera ahmed comes to observing My second urdu book of Umera Ahmed translated in english and this one is good.

Same was the case with this one!

La Hasil « Featured « Reading Section

Peace and wealth is in Allah’s will. This is an amazing novel. You May Also Like. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The novel is quite good but the ending is unexpected. Blogging is my passion.

Jun 28, Ekrah Afridi rated it it was ok. It’s not the first time I have been inspired by her works and it surely won’t be the last either! La Hasil – It isn’t just a story, its a journey, a pack of emotions which stir up one’s soul and gives one la hasil by umera ahmed much think on.


Its indeed as perfect as the la hasil by umera ahmed claims it to be and to be very honest I didn’t and probably will never find those words that can best describe my feelings for the book. The story while having a strong moral overtone, is still quite nice to read with likable characters, a little too black-and-white they are. A Symbol of Love, patience, tolerance, faith, selflessness, piousness and a true follower of Islam.

Mariam and Zulayd meet each other and fall in love and their life takes on stranger twists and turns. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content Advertisement. These la hasil by umera ahmed could be more beautifully taken up. Jul 10, Sabeen rated it really liked it Shelves: Loved every bit of it there were times when you cant control your tears: Dec 26, Sana rated it it was amazing. Her novels and stories are even projected on TV dramas and they also carve a great spot in the heart of viewers.