The Lottery in Babylon (translated from the Spanish) by Jorge Luis in Spanish can be found at Expert Answers Basket The Lottery in Babylon is a fantasy short story by Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges Original title, “La lotería en Babilonia”. Translator. Editorial Reviews. Review. “Probablemente el mayor escritor que haya nacido en . Another story in this collection, “La loteria en Babilonia” reminds me of.

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Jan 08, Brian Yahn rated it liked it.

This doctrinal piece observed that the lottery is an interpolation of chance into the order of the world and that the acceptance of errors is not the contradiction of chance, but its corroboration. Aug 17, Eric rated it it was amazing.

It preferred to df in the rubble of a mask factory a short line of reasoning which now forms part of the sacred scriptures. Maybe we would all rather be equal in misery.

One such example abominably insinuates that the Company ceased to exist centuries ago and that the sacred disorder in our lives is purely hereditary, traditional; another considers the Company to be eternal and teaches that it will endure until the last night, when the last god will annihilate the world.

Borges was fluent in several languages. There remains little time — we have been told that the ship is about to set sail — but I will try to explain.

So as to defraud the Company, they all opted for jail.

The Lottery in Babylon

Oct 11, Ci rated it liked it. Still though, much like a Hemingway story, it reads more like a philosophical thought experiment than a narrative, which isn’t really my thing. There is not much mathematics in this short story, but perhaps just enough to justify its inclusion in this database. He would relate truthfully or not I cannot say that barbers gave out rectangles made of bone or parchment and adorned with symbols in exchange for copper coins.


He reveres the dictates of chance, surrendering his life, his hopes, his panicked terror to them, but it never occurs to him to delve into their labyrinthine laws, nor the giratory spheres from which they are revealed. For an entire lunar year, I have been declared invisible: I owe this almost monstrous variety to an institution that other republics have not conceived of or which works imperfectly or secretly in them: Muireann rated it liked it Feb 25, Jan 01, Simona Vesela rated it it was amazing.

I have not delved into its history; I know that the sages cannot manage to agree; I know of its powerful aims what a man unversed in astrology can know of the moon. A plot turn I would have added would be to show the extend this responsibility-free lifestyle could have led to.

They are freed from responsibility and borbes to answer for their actions. In many cases, the luos that certain joys were simple fabrications of chance would have diminished their moral worth; to korge this inconvenience, agents of the Company made use of suggestion and magic.

No decision is final, each branch out into others. This slight danger for every thirty favourable numbers there was one adverse awoke, as is natural, the interest of the public. To ask other readers questions about The Lottery in Babylonplease sign up.

The original in Spanish can be found at http: What Borges does with the allegory between the Lottery and religion and fate is satirically genius. The Babylonian is not speculative.


This laconicism, almost unnoticed at the time, was of capital importance.

— La lotería en Babilonia : holograph

Firstly, they forced the Company to assume full public power. Return to Book Page. Sometimes, the consequences are terrifying. Audiobook1 page.

George Guidall Goodreads Author Narrator. In order for the sentence to be realised, another drawing is held that proposes, say, nine possible executioners. Another, from the mouths of masked heresiarchs, claims that the Company has never existed and never will.

Control over action and reaction could be real or not. In any case, there is nothing so contaminated with fiction as the history of the Company…. These eminently reasonable scruples prompted in the end a considerable reform whose complexities aggravated by centuries of practice are understood only by a handful of specialists; I will attempt to summarise them regardless, even though I do so only symbolically.

Leo Agopian rated it really liked it Dec 29, A short while later, the lottery reports omitted the listing of fines and limited themselves to publishing the days of prison that each adverse number was worth.

Does our fight for equality come from a place of general consensus for a societal well-being? Destiny could be predestined in a divine way or completely through chance. In a cellar in the half-light of dawn, I have slit the throats of sacred bulls before a black altar.

With time, this justified contempt found a further target: Jul 04, Nu rated it it was amazing Shelves: