Clinic Selection. Pick at least one of the criteria for selecting clinics. Click the Cal link for a pop-up calendar. State/Province: State/Province, Alabama, Alaska. Clinic 4 – 6 Hours On-Ice. Maneuvers Covered: Balance; Forward/Backward Stride; Crossovers; Explosive Starts/Stops; Speed with Pucks; Resistance Drills. Darien CT (Darien Ice Rink) Map, Clinic Ages 7 to Adult, Fri, July to Sun, July, 7/ pm – pm 7/28 & 7/ am – am, $

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Laura Stamm’s Power Skating 3rd Edition: Laura Stamm: : Books

But how do you know when your player should be moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2? Look at our skills tests to tell which phase your satmm is in.

This pushes or trains them to think faster, react faster to changing situations and basically push the envelope.

Firm Foundation vs Challenge There is something to be said about the benefits of challenging your player to perform at a slightly higher level. If players choose to repeat laura stamm power skating clinics they will be presented with the same techniques as they were in the first clinic.


Home – Laura Stamm Power Skating

Laura tells us the steps to proper skating development are Phase 1 Skating correctly, then skating fast and correctly. Basically it teaches them with perseverance and determination they can push past their perceived limits and overcome obstacles in anything laura stamm power skating everything they do.

Phase 2 is skating correctly with the puck. We also expect our players to practice what they have learned between clinics. Placing them on a tread mill and speeding it up or towing them down the ice with a bungee cord will teach the players to move their feet faster and could lead to some increase in speed, but if laura stamm power skating teach them how to skate more effectively and efficiently you can also increase their speed.

US Clinics

If you laura stamm power skating the All Star AA test is the first test to laura stamm power skating the player to do the skating techniques with the puck! For skating with the puck under pressure situations, you are now looking at the advanced players in the Elite Workshop.

Once we fix their technique we bring them back up to speed so they can feel the effectiveness of skating done correctly. Phase 3 is skating with the puck under pressure situations.


And when they get to phase 2 should they still practice at phase 1? Just as the Pros routinely practice the basics, so should your player.

At Laura Stamm Power Skating we focus on teaching the proper skating laura stamm power skating to increase the players efficiency and effectiveness.

Register for Canadian Clinics. Register for US Stqmm. They think they found their limit but you can teach them to perform above that limit.

However we then teach them, or they can pick up, some additional powed or fine motor skills to further them along in their skill refinement. We do this by having the players at all levels practice well within their comfort level.

There is something to be said about the benefits of challenging your player to perform at a slightly higher level.