Mahanirvana Tantra: Sanskrit & Romanized Text With English Translation, Notes & Index (2 Volumes) by Pushpendra Kumar. This tantra is to all other agama as. Mahanirvana Tantra Sanskrit Text with Romanize. Commentary. English Translation. Notes and Index 2 Vols. 1st Edition on *FREE* shipping on. Mahanirvana Tantra Sanskrit Translit. pdf. Pages·· MB·44 Downloads·Latvian. | nānāvṛkṣalatākīrṇe nānāpakṣiravairyute || 1 || Medha Document1.

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Mahanirvana Tantra book (2 vols.) | Pinterest | Tantra and Sanskrit

A clever carver may also carve the Yantra on crystal, coral, or lapis lazuli He is the Truth. I bow to the Supreme Brahman. The section of Tantrikas to whom I have mahanirvana tantra sanskrit are, I believe, also in error.

Having offered this arghya to the Mahadevi, the wise one should make Japa with the Mula-mantra with mahnirvana his powers, and then place mahanirvana tantra sanskrit Japa in the left hand of the Devi The wise worshipper should draw on his left an ordinary rectangular figure, and after worshipping it, place therein food with wine, meat, and other things The whole heap of other Mantras have no more power than the organs of sense of some mahanirvana tantra sanskrit image on a wall.

This is the enjoined morning rites Namah to the sacrificial knife infused with the presence of Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and their Shaktis It is deemed excellent mahanirvana tantra sanskrit by the Devas. Then offer oblations to the mouth of the Kundali, with the Vijaya reciting the following.

Saying the Mula-Mantra terminated by the Weapon-Mantra, let him take water from the common offering and sprinkle the articles of worship with it, and then enclose himself and the articles in a circle of water. This is the practice which has been enjoined I have accordingly, whilst availing myself of its aid, mahanirvana tantra sanskrit my own commentary, and added an Introduction explaining certain matters and terms referred to or presupposed by the text which, as mahanirvana tantra sanskrit require a somewhat more extended treatment, could not be conveniently dealt with in the footnotes.


Howsoever it may have been mahanirvana tantra sanskrit, and by whomsoever it is brought, the wine, when purified, gives to the worshipper mahanorvana siddhi. Then, closing the right nostril with the thumb and shutting also the mouth, make japa of the Mantra thirty-two times.

Say, O Lord of all the distressed! The Guru should then mahanirvana tantra sanskrit the disciple, now become his son, who is lying prostrate at his lotus-feet, and say with affection the following He, the one Supreme Lord, is the Cause of all beings, the Manifestation sanskrut Whose creative Energy in the three worlds is called Brahma Let the excellent Guru, ocean of kindness, next whisper the Mantra seven times into the right ear of the disciple sansktit he be a Brahmana, or into the left ear if he be of another caste The ritual which I sabskrit ordained should be followed, too, as regards Shraddha at holy places, dedication of a bull, the autumnal festival, on setting out on a journey, on the first entry mahanirvana tantra sanskrit a house, the wearing of new clothes or jewels, dedication of tanks, wells, or lakes, mahanirvana tantra sanskrit the ceremonies performed at the phases of the Moon, the building and consecration of houses, the installation of Devas, and in all observances to be performed during the day or at night, in each month, season, or year, and in observances both daily or occasional, and also in deciding generally what mahanirvana tantra sanskrit and what ought not to be done, and in determining what ought to be rejected and what ought to be adopted The wise worshipper should place the articles necessary for worship on his right, and scented water and other Kula articles on his left Ambrosia, that springeth from mahanirvana tantra sanskrit, Thou that showerest ambrosia, draw ambrosia for me again and again.


Am, Hrim, Krom, Shrim, Svaha Whatever it is made of it mahanirvana tantra sanskrit be clean and of pleasing design Now listen, O Blessed One!

Lord of all, Greatest among those who are versed in Dharma, Thou in former ages in Thy mercy didst through Brahma reveal the four Vedas which are the propagators of all Dharma and which ordain the rules of mahanirvaja for all the varying castes of men and for the different stages of their lives For who but Thee is their Protector in all the three worlds?

Then, taking the sacrificial knife, the excellent worshipper should worship it with the Bija “Hum,” and worship Sarasvati and Brahma at its end, Lakshmi and Narayana at its middle, and Uma mahanirvana tantra sanskrit Maheshvara at the handle If written on birch-bark and encased in mahanirvana tantra sanskrit golden ball, it be worn round the neck or on the right arm, its wearer attains all kinds of powers There are also various other kinds made from the juice of the palmyra and date tree, and known by various names according to their substance and place of production.

Mahanievana Adored of the Devas!

Having thus sanskkrit the Mahanirvana tantra sanskrit into the Yantra, the Vital Airs of the Devi should be infused therein by the following pratishtha Mantra Join the first and second fingers of the right hand, and tap the palm of the left hand three times, each time after the first with greater force, thus making a loud sound, and then snap the mahanirvana tantra sanskrit while uttering the weapon-Mantra As men by initiation in the Brahma-Mantra become freed of all sins, so, O Devi!