Mullard Circuits for Audio Amplifiers wave listener and building my own one valve receiver (Radio Luxembourg on Metres and Horace Batchelor’s adverts. Mullard Tube Circuits for Audio Amplifiers – code The first notable contribution of Milliard design engineers to the specialist world of high-quality sound. TABLE 1 Classification of Mullard Circuits Power Amplifiers of General Application Power Amplifiers of Special Application Five-valve, twenty-watt circuit (”);.

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Over a restricted range, an increase in the bias current, for example, lessens distortion, but causes treble attenuation and tends to lessen the signal-to-noise ratio. These yield mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers rated output power of 10W with a level of harmonic distortion, under normal loading conditions, of less than 0.

The output voltages obtained from these generators are very much lower than the voltages derived from monaural heads of the same type.

Momentary changes in this speed will cause ‘wow’ or ‘flutter’. Two separate pieces of 16 s. An output stage with distributed loading can thus be used with pentodes of the 25W type in high-quality amplifiers designed for circuiys powers well in excess of 15W, the power efficiency being appreciably greater than with triode operation.

The levels of magnetisation corresponding to B b B 2etc. The smaller components are normally mounted on tag-boards, and it is generally more convenient to solder them to the tags before the boards are mounted in the chassis.

Furthermore, in a three-or four-stage design in which feedback is applied over the whole amplifier, including the output transformer, it is thus possible to obtain greater margins of stability for a given level of distortion. Practical considerations in conventional circuits mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers the extent to which the anode load can be increased.

German stuff was unobtanium even if you knew what you wanted. A conventional EF86 voltage-amplifying stage is drawn in Fig. When the amplifier is at the point of overload on a peak signal, ccircuits momentary fall in line voltage from kullard nominal value of V should not be more than 2V. Magnetic Pick-up Heads Both types of magnetic pick-up head amplifeirs is, moving-iron and moving-coil – work on the principle of the dynamo: The commercial type numbers listed with the circuits have been supplied by the manufacturers, and the transformers should all prove mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers be satisfactory in the appropriate equipment.

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The erase gap is usually about audo thousandths of an inch wide. It was the woodwork prize awarded in July and the prize label is still inside.

Limiting resistors must be included in the anode circuits of the rectifier, and their values will depend on the type of mains transformer used. The remarks can be applied, with suitable allowance for their two-fold properties, to stereophonic discs.

Item Unavailable

This fact is used in the erase heads of most magnetic recording equipment. The output voltage from either type of head is proportional to the rate of change of flux through the conductor and thus to the velocity of the stylus measured at its equilibrium position.

Triode valves used as power amplifiers yield a relatively distortion- free output, but their power-handling capacity is generally inadequate. While it would be wrong to assume that price is the only guide available, normally -the higher grades of loudspeaker will justify mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers extra cost by giving correspondingly better reproduction.

As the RIAA recording characteristics and, similarly, most of the commercial characteristics before do not possess purely constant-velocity or constant-amplitude properties, some degree of equalisation will be needed with either group of pickup head, and the degree will be different for each group. Bulgin P S — H. It is necessary in a cathode-coupled phase splitter for the anode load of the earthed section to be slightly higher than that of the first section if mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers balance is to be obtained.

Consequently, extra stages will be required to give the push-pull drive voltage and to provide sufficient amplification of this voltage.

Mullard Circuits for Audio Amplifiers

Because of the low inherent distortion of these triode-connected stages, less negative feedback is required to give acceptable linearity than has to be used in pentode or tetrode stages giving similar output cjrcuits.


The most probable form of instability would be oscillation with capacitive loads, but this is most unlikely to occur even with very long loudspeaker leads. Your email address will not be published. The width of the groove is unifonn and is the full width of the cutting edge. This may be achieved by using separate horn assemblies, each mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers with a loudspeaker unit covering part of the frequency spectrum. The equipment can be constructed to include volume and tone controls, when it is suitable for direct use with high-level signal sources, or it can be made mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers circutis to be used with pre-amplifying equipment.

The reference numbers ampliiers for the latest reprints of the publications. The purpose of this is to minimise low-frequency phase shift in the tubd and to improve the low-frequency stability when negative feedback is applied.

As an aside, that summer of ’62 on Sunday afternoons in the garage is memorable for the smell of the glue, Frank Ifield at number one for 13 weeks with I Remember You and the Light Program with its Sing Something Simple offering.

Mullard Circuits for Audio Amplifiers

Primary- winding inductance 2. This holder should also be nylon-loaded. Mullard Limited will not consent to the use of the ‘Mullard’ trademark in relation to equipment based on the circuits described, but will not object to appropriate references to Mullard circuits, specifications or designs. The anode load R4 of the earthed triode section should be slightly higher than R3 to mullard tube circuits for audio amplifiers perfect balance.

This can lead to wow or flutter after much use. In these conditions, the anode and screen-grid voltages will be 60 and 70V respectively.