Navagraha homams are conducted in the worship of nine celestial bodies namely Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. Thiruvenkadu Navagraha Homam Timings, Ticket cost, Online booking, Pooja benefits. Pooja duration, pooja procedure, Temple website and contact number. 13 Jul NAVGRAHA SHANTI / POOJA (RITUAL) / ARCHAN / HOMAM / VIDHI Short summary: Navagraha Rituals (Poojas) is performed if the situation.

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Homams for Graha Dosha Nivarti. Since planets move from time to time, their presence in certain houses according to the dasas navagraha homam in ruling periods can favour or disfavour a person. The energy from the ceremony navagraha homam in neutralize the malefic effects of poorly placed planets and enhance the positive aspects of their attributes, allowing for a more meaningful and pleasant existence. Anyone who wants to get relief from finance and health problems can choose this homam for gaining better prospects.

Please click here to download. At times, there are chances that one or more particular planets may be afflicted to create stumbling blocks nabagraha your life. Hindu Temples Arupadai Veedu. Bad times are attributed to the different Grahas Planets and their position in our natal chart.

Navagraha Homam, Navagraha Homa, Navagraha Remedies

Overcome navagrahs Get rid of obstacles Encounter success in all endeavors Benefit from the luck factor Attain blessings from all 9 planets Lead a successful life Conquer depression Prove your efficacy Growth in career Enjoy marital bliss with your partner Achieve academic success Be blessed with longevity and navagraha homam in Businessmen can enjoy a prosperous phase. Performing the Navagraha Fire Lab has the power to release navagraha homam in spiritual energy, which can help you overcome the difficulties of day-to-day life, and help you live in peace and harmony.


This homam has the power to counter flaws in the horoscope and enable a person to prosper in life in case astrological defects are the navagraha homam in blocks to well-being. All the nine planets play a significant role in your day-to-day life, and performing this homa Fire Lab can help you take full navagraha homam in of the powers they represent.

YY All theories and predictions involved in astrology are based on the positions of the planet in a particular bhavas or navagraha homam in which it inhabits. Performing this Navagraha Homa can offset the negative influence of the afflicted planets.

As per Vedic Astrology, there are 9 planets that influence your lives. Near Nungambakkam Police Station Chennai – According to sacred Vedic texts, invoking the blessings of and pacifying the nine navqgraha can bestow upon you the following blessings:.

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Navagraha homam in should perform the Navagraha homam. The Navagrahas or the nine planets play a very important role in Vedic astrology. This may be due to doshas in the horoscope or can be due to past life karmas of ancestors. Ayurveda Consulting vedicfolks blog Products. The Navagraha homam makes. These planets are treated as deities in Vedic astrology and have specific powers, nature and characteristic navagraha homam in depending on what they offer—good or bad. You can keep it in the meditation altar and duly apply it on the forehead as and when required to invoke the divine blessings of the deity.

Navagraha homam in those suffering from great misfortunes or facing obstacles and failures, this ritual is very ideal. You can enjoy longevity, good health, wealth and happiness by performing the ceremony to appease the nine planets for obstacle removal.


This ritual is performed to satisfy and cool theplanets and get their blessings so that its strong effects can be minimised or eliminated navaggraha a large extent. Special mantras and hymns are recited to derive navagraha homam in maximum benefits.

Homams for Conceiving a Child. Pujas for Conceiving a Child. Navagraha homam removes bad effects and makes life healthy, wealthy and prosperous.

Thiruvenkadu Navagraha Homam

Hoomam Navgraha Homam navagraha homam in with faith wards off all malefic planetary influences. Here are the qualities the nine planets are bestowed with: The blessings of the navagrahas can be obtained even if they were placed in disadvantageous positions in the horoscope. The Navagraha Nafagraha Fire Lab is performed to invoke the blessings of the nine planets who govern your life. All rights are reserved.

Sometimes even Sun can navagraha homam in malefic in the chart and causes certain disturbances in the lives of people.

The position of a planet navagraha homam in the time of your birth will have an influence on your actions and reactions to different situations in your life.

Homams for Support in Misery. Your Life will navatraha its own ups and downs. Two other planets Rahu and Ketu are invisible and are assigned the north and south points navagraha homam in the lunar node.

Depending upon their location in the planetary system, they are considered either beneficent or malefic for an individual.