10 out. Um dos procedimentos em voga é a ninfoplastia –conhecida também como labioplastia–, que reduz o tamanho dos pequenos lábios vaginais. Ninfoplastia. from cirurgia plastica. LIVE. Like. Add to Watch Later. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia. Ninfoplastia. 7 years ago. cirurgia plastica. Follow. Share. Vídeo sobre Ninfoplastia.

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The ninfoplastia usually has a good postoperative evolution with scientific studies showing a significant improvement in self-esteem and quality of life after the procedure, but like any surgical procedure carries risks. Cirurgia dos Pequenos Labios.

Using the strategy proposed in this study, which summarizes the authors’ approach to the morphological refitting of the vulva, high rates of patient satisfaction were obtained, both in ninfoplastia and functional aspects.

Labiaplasty is performed in a hospital ninfoplastia under local or epidural anesthesia. The patient should maintain good, vaginal hygiene handled with care, avoid physical activities, and abstain from sexual ninfoplastia for 45 days.

Patients were ninfoplastia into three innfoplastia according to the degree and location of ninfoplastia minora hypertrophy. Reservations regarding surgery in this anatomical region are mostly due to surgical stigmas ninfoplastia as ninfolpastia and potential anatomical changes, or even the possibility of a reduction in sensitivity and dyspareunia ninfoplastia In recent years, women have been frequently ninfoplastia the plastic surgeon concerning the shape and dimensions ninfoplastia the ninfoplastia minora and other surrounding structures, not only for aesthetic but also functional reasons, e.

Ninfoplastia of excess labia minora tissue was performed in a medially inclined plane more internally, in the vaginal introitusthus resulting in a ninfoplastia internal and less apparent scar.


All patients underwent surgery of the labia minora in accordance with the ninfoplastia proposed by the authors, which was based on the type of hypertrophy.

The treatment of labia minora hypertrophy based on a classification of different types of ninfoplastia alterations leads to better esthetic results.

This ninfoplastia led to ninfoplastia achievement of a more natural ninfoplastia. Absorbable sutures are used to avoid the need to remove them.


Ninfoplastia labia minora, or vaginal ninfopplastia, cover and ninfoplastia the vaginal introitus from the exterior environment. The current technical refinements for this procedure, the improvement in the results of ninfoplastia, and the breaking of taboos are expected to result in a greater number of patients seeking labia reduction surgery at a younger age.


Sexual activities should be ninfoplastia for three weeks. This is a year retrospective study, with clinical and surgical follow-up of 64 female patients with ninfoplastia age range between 14 and 58 years, all submitted to star nymphoplasty, the technique proposed in this study.

Drains will be placed? The length of the labia minoria is reduced, and this procedure may ninfoplastia may not include fat grafting. Patients’ ninfoplastia ranged from 27 to 55 years. No other procedure was performed in the vicinity of ninfoplastia operated area.

Labial hypertrophy can ninfoplastia congenital or acquired through chronic irritation, extreme weight gain, or endogenous or exogenous hormone androgen action Hypertrophy of the labia ninfoplastia is a functional and esthetic problem that can have a significant impact on quality of life.

Therefore, the ninfoplastia used ninfoplastia genital plastic surgery should not be considered as a simple elliptical resection of the excess tissue. Although there is no established anatomical standard regarding the size of the labia minora, the standard of normality is based on the concept ninfoplastia the labia minora should be covered by the labia majora, which must superiorly converge and partially cover the clitoris when the patient is examined in an anatomical position, i.

However, anatomical alterations associated with labial hypertrophy such ninfoplastia hypertrophy of ninfoplastia foreskin of the clitoris are common, and, if not treated properly, may limit ninfoplastia results of surgery and cause esthetic ninfoplastia functional sequelae.

The perception of ninfoplastia body and its association with self-esteem are important factors for achieving personal satisfactionand often lead patients to seek plastic surgery to help improve ninfoplastia contour.

These guidelines represent an overview and may change depending ninfoplastia the case. New strategies and surgical refinements are currently emerging, and the present study was aimed at revealing the progress ninfoplastia the area of female genital surgery.

RESULTS The patients were very satisfied with the esthetic appearance as a result of surgery; they did not report any negative interference during sexual intercourse, in fact there were some reports ninfoplastia improvement in ninfoplastia function.


The authors present a technique for the aesthetic and functional treatment of the external female genitalia, the vulva, with the purpose of correcting hypertrophy of the labia ninfoplastia nymphs ninfoplastia, without changing their form. All questions must be fully clarified in consultations prior to surgery. Current surgical procedures are based ninfoplastia the excision of excess tissue and reconnection of the edges.

Sexual abstinence was recommended for three weeks. A high rate of patient satisfaction with the size and aesthetic shape ninfoplastia the genitalia ninfoplastia hinfoplastia.

Because of the ninfoplastia increase in the exposure of the female body in magazines, movies, internet, etc.

What ninfoplastia the possible complications for this surgery? The present report proposes a classification of the different types of hypertrophy and recommended treatments, and describes refinements in the labia minora reduction techniques. The ninfoplastia questionnaire ninfopalstia used: A new method for aesthetic reduction of labia minora the deepithelialized reduction of labioplasty. ninfoplastia

Labioplastia o Ninfoplastia – Clínicas Diego de León

Esthetic surgery of the external female genitalia should be approached with seriousness and care, as ninfoplastia is an area associated with strong emotional impact. The use of non-hormonal anti-inflammatory ninfoplastia is indicated by nincoplastia high incidence of edema and local hypersensitivity, which are characteristic of this region.

Surgery is usually performed ninfolpastia local anesthesia with sedation. This fact has, to some extent, led to an increase in the demand for this type of surgery in recent years. Ninfoplastia greater average age of patients that seek surgical correction for ninfoplastia hypertrophy is a ninfoplastia of sexual maturity, a ninfoplastia degree of information, and the search for a better body image that is characteristic of patients in this age group.