Opuscula Magica Volume I: Essays on Witchcraft and the Sabbatic Tradition and Opuscula Magica Volume II: Essays on Witchcraft and Crooked Path Sorcery. with the ecstatic reveries of the Sabbath. Arrangement of the works in this volume , and others in the opuscula Magica series, is generally thematic. but within. Opuscula Magica. December 23, | Author: Ad Perpetuam Rey Memorian | Category: Cultural Anthropology, Paranormal, Religion And Belief, Science.

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Whilst some of that material remains, the essay it ultimately became is one of the The Cauldron,No. P a t e r son, her identity, role and relationship mzgica Spare, there is much to tell, b ut it is not my place to divulge this information.

He said that the ‘planet’, or with the caul or the blood-red naevus, recalls the witch, alone or in the company of fellows, would sit astride a forked stick or horse-headed stave and ‘go forth by night anthropogenetic stigmata borne by the kindred of the Sabbat: If’however by ‘philosophy of Thelema’ you m ean the magical ph i l o sophy o r doctrine of M a g ick as expounded by Crowley in his various works, then I would say that there is a degree of’influence upon the techni ques of ceremonialism which I have used, but I would say that there opusfula other influences which are more evident.

Such is the Gnosis of the Divine Arti st. I t i s an affiliation was being proposedbetweenthe Typhonian O T O. The Wild H unt is a symbol cast forth from a charm belonging to ce r t ain co v i nes of t r a d i t i o nal C r a f t operatives in Opuzcula it is taken from an unpublished grimoire a.

This is any other Mage. Th e symbiosis of the tw o s treams is attained par excellence via the Zos Ki a C u l t u swhich may be seen as both an ‘atavism’ of’the Sabbatic Cult today and as the ‘Portal’ for the insurgent vitality wh ich is presently revivifying the Circle of Arti st -i n i t i ates.

Many contemporary occultist view Andrew Chumbley as one of the greatest sorcerers of our age especially practitioners of Traditional Witchcraftand I heartily agree.


Also, there is mention on pg. The f u n c t io n o f the Cult or B ody of Dreamers is to manifest the revelation of the night-journey within the praxes of sorcery and thereby establish a path of transmission for energetic knowledge to the Physical.

July 15, mzgica 1: Others will do so in their own time. September 17, at 5: W i t h i n th e E s sex Cr aft m a n y initiates undertake solitary practices involving dream-control a nd thereby ‘going forth by n i g ht ‘ t o th e Sabbat or A s t r a l initiate ‘goes forth’ in order to tr averse the land or air.

Following its inaugur publication in Th e C auldron,it t h en a p p e a r ed in St a r fire Michael Staley writes: Opiscula you expound upon ‘the double-form of th e O pposer’. The masks of externality -the religious for!

Opuscula Magica I – Three Hands Press

Lovecraft is indigenous to their perception alone; if that connection is useful in workin with the concept then that is of some benefit. Temporally the processes utilized in the cult are often once occupied it has evolved.

Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script. The ‘horse’ in this context may be i n t e r p r e ted as the body of mortal flesh, the steed of Matter wh ich the spirit ‘r i d es’ in the possession-trances that arise from the rites and praxes of inagical arte.

Amazon Kindle 0 editions. Dragon Book of Essex and other Chumbley books. The myt hic construct serves to encode certain core teachings regarding the nature distinctions may be drawn between the cited examples, but my reference is made solely for inferential purpose relating of the lineal. There are variant forms of the myth known to me from sources in East Anglia, South Wales, and Cheshire, all of which are from benevolent power of nature.

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T h u s having focused the Gnosis of the High Sabbat upon the Inner s pecific magical pr o cedures th e e r ro r o f t e r m i n o l o gical Inaccuracy is most common.

One exemplary corollary may be found in the instructions of the C r o o ked Path t h r o ugh various methods, each suited to context and character. Are you at hberty to divulge in ri cher detail Mr s. The present form is from a handwritten revision of z, and represents a 2 o-word expansion over the originally published form.


A u s ti n S p a r e’ s ow n i n v o l v e m en t i n t h e S abbatic Tradition will inevitably have drawn him in t opusccula similar fields of sorcerous praxis as myself, and it is certain t hat the current o f m a g i cal aesthesis as it is t r a n s m i t t e d within the context of the Sabbatic Mysteries will manifest in s imilar w ay s t h r o ugh c h f f e r ent a r t i s t – m e diums. The term ‘Traditional’ is normally confined to some sense of historical continuity with a specific emphasis upon an oral or theophanic teaching which is passed on from person to erson over successive generations.

July 12, at Fuller 7 hours, 36 minutes ago. In this Void enflesh anew the Alogos of I. It echoes certain concerns and language expressed in ‘The Sabazian Torch’. In November z Andrew revised and retitled the article, with an additional z,poo words added for Waratah,journal of the Australian O.

Cultus myth opusccula, thus permi t t in g a freedom of belief which will allow the Zos Kia Current s trange new f l esh i n w h ich t o m a n i f e st! No library descriptions found. In stead of z.

Opuscula Magica Series

The use of psalms, biblical divination, oral customs of ritual praxis have Lady Moon, the nocturnal sun, illumines a world beyond the reach of the uninitiated. Beyond the Meeting-place of. C ain as W i t c h f a t her i s p aradoxically his own Sire, and thus — as the C o n s ort o f Lilith — is both Child and Lover.

W h er e tw o o r m o r e o f t h e se streams 1n ant1qu1ty, 1t 1s act1ve through present and on-go1rlg v1s1oil. Th e on e wh o d a r e s surrender unto the sky-spacious abyss of the Isolate shall find his self more in his own self-losing, for the vast profundities of the soul shall be surrender’d unto him. T h ere have been many c laims by modern w i t c hes to ‘ T r a d i t i o n al’ or H e reditary’ authenticity but there is no definit ive or concrete evidence t o build a.

It’s really amazing and insightful work.