ENGLISH Thank you for purchasing Parrot CK, the hands-free kit with voice recognition equipped with BluetoothTM radio technology. Parrot CK offers. Download PARROT CK EVOLUTION manual for free. Products 1 – 9 of 9 Parrot Ck User Manual for Mac performs only one task, but it does it well. Parrot CK Evolution is one of the most intuitive and effective systems. Up to a total of ; Built-in voice recognition; Manual contact synchronisation*.

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If you want to, you can parrott this function. For more information, consult your Philips phone user’s guide. Switch off your telephone, and then switch it back on again.

Parrot CK3000 EVOLUTION Bluetooth Car Kit Review

Rispettare le seguenti raccomandazioni: Parrot ck3000 evolution manual display reads “Parrot CK v…”, press “Select” to make the connection.

The microphone should be directed towards the driver and should preferably be installed in between the visor and rear – view.

Press green button once to return to your first caller. Your phone lets you assign voice tags to any phonebook entry. If the car radio has a Mute input, connect the yellow wire on the janual cable to one of the “Mute in” inputs 1, 2 parrot ck3000 evolution manual 3.

Page 10 Making and Receiving Calls Making a call manually: The red wire on the parrot ck3000 evolution manual cable must be connected to the 12V permanent, the orange wire to the 12V switched and the black wire to the ground. Access the Menu and scroll to “Bluetooth”, press “Select”.

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The T looks for all devices equipped with a handsfree profile. You must wait for a beep after every word.

Parrot CK Evolution User Manual | 48 pages

To obtain optimum operation, please, comply with these recommendations: Connect the vehicle speaker and power harnesses to the male connectors.

Page 86 Al momento parrot ck3000 evolution manual una chiamata entrante, potrete ugualmente prendere la chiamata facendo pressione sul tasto verde. The power cable is equipped with grey ISO connectors.

Enter the pairing password then press OK. Ericsson and SonyEricsson phones use two ways to answer the incoming call: Die CK wiederholt den Namen und sendet einen Signalton.

Parrot CK Evolution User Manual | Page 34 / 48 | Original mode

It is done by simply inverting the fuse holders. CALLER ID During an incoming call, your phone can identify and say the name of the caller if the phone number of the incoming call has been first recorded in the phonebook and associated with a voice tag.

If not, reset your CK by pressing the green and red button at the same time. After getting into your car and parrot ck3000 evolution manual of the ignition key, your telephone should ask you whether you wish to establish the Bluetooth connection with CK The microphone parrot ck3000 evolution manual be directed towards the driver and should preferably be installed in between the visor and rear-view mirror.


Your call will be connected automatically, in hands-free mode. The display reads “Searching for devices”. Protect the control box from direct sunlight.

Wanneer er verschillende nummers voor dezelfde naam werden opgeslagen mahual of Vcardwordt die persoon op devolgende manier via spraakherkenning opgebeld: Follow the vocal prompts. Consult the car radio manual to determine the location of the mute input.

Parrot CK3000 Evolution User Manual – Download

cj3000 Press “Yes” to confirm. CK repeats the name, and then emits a beep; you must then indicate the number to be dialled, “Home”, “Work” or “Cellular”.

Car radio with ISO sockets: Qualora il vostro CK sia installato mqnual parrot ck3000 evolution manual professionista, passate direttamente al capitolo seguente, la Fase di Collegamento. For the Fisiothe call must be switched to hands-free mode manually. Questa funzione serve per regolare il volume del CK Limited by Philips software.