View and Download Puxing PX user manual online. FM VHF/UHF Radio. PX Two-Way Radio pdf manual download. I have a Puxing PX+. The manual leaves something to be desired. Here’s what I know: Note that you can “lock” the radio via software so that the operator. This manual is intended for use by experienced technicians PX ITEM DESCRIPTION I/O. FUNCTION. 1. CLK ROM. I/O CLOCK AND EEPROM. 2. D0.

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I sit here struggling to put in three frequencies I want to listen to and assign a memory to them. You will see six dashes, which are changed to letters, numbers and some characters using the knob. Put in the letter “M” and hit the [ pusing key. I can now use the programming software and it works fine. Could you please share where puxing px-777 manual found this driver?

The latest craze around here: But other than this I have found no differences. Can someone please tell me how to get the PX to talk to the pc through puxing px-777 manual usb cable.

Only by hand manual program. It is not too bad if you choose the narrow function; but you will not sound very loud at puxing px-777 manual other end, IRLP users may want to experiment.


Puxing PX-777+ Explained (in English)

Turn your radio on, and see what it displays. Another random frequency appears. This was your receive RX frequency. You will never have manial refer to the manuals over and over when you need to change a puxing px-777 manual or program a whole new one.

Puxing PX Manuals

I had both versions. Now that you have all the background information, and understand what puxing px-777 manual going on, we are ready to program a channel in your radio. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Puxjng was wondering the difference in the and the just for basic use. Remembering this is the first thing you have to remember in the future.

Using the keypad, enter the proper frequency; all six digits without periods. I use mine for my fire department vhf and my Leo work uhf.

Cheers Tom tomd paradise.

Programming the PX+

Is there really that much difference in the 2 radios when it comes down to basic use? The radio itself is a beuty.

The manual is very tricky puxing px-777 manual look at and understand. But can also stop here, with just the one channel to see how it turned out. You can find it in the. Puxingg the disc that comes with the program for the Puxing D radio is not very good.


Anyone out there have a suggestion? Dan T January 25th, at You need both hands, one to turn the radio on, the other to hold the puxing px-777 manual keys. They do it that way so you do not accidentally enter the SELF mode.

You can do this either before or after the channel is programmed. To enter memory information, etc in that mode, you should read the manual that came with the radio.

It is not too tedious. I do know the had a problem with some of puxingg first radios. It says OFF right now. Every time you op[en the program you will need to plug the cable in and then go to communication port and select the port, more than likely port puxing px-777 manual or 4that you are plugged into.

I have the programing software for this unit.