1 Apr If you’re asking about whether to get Shadowrun 4th or Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition. its the 20th Anniversary Edition all the way. 1 Dec Shadowrun 4th Edition has 3 ratings and 1 review. Richard said: An excellent edition of a complicated game, but wrapped in a book that is. So I have the 20th Anniversary ed (which is 4th I believe). I have heard some bad things about it though. So I figured Id ask you all. Pros /Cons?.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. It looks very good. I really like the splat books for fourth though.

I’ve been rocking Shadowrun since 2e and 5e is hands down the best Matrix yet. It can take awhile to get used to the new matrix rules ediiton man are they a huge improvement. Join Date Jan Posts But I’m sure the rigger book will help out whenever that comes out. So I have the 20th Anniversary ed which is 4th I believe. Am I the only one who didn’t like the setting vignettes in SR4. In SR5 they got nerfed pretty hard but they have a real niche in fighting shadowrun 4th edition 20th anniversary high dodge or high soak targets.

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The trend in game design has been to go simpler. They got rid of everyone taking Quickness 6 Intelligence 6 regardless of the character type the former was used for everything and the latter for pretty much editkon elsebut all that did was give us Logic to use shadowrun 4th edition 20th anniversary a dump stat.

The Matrix in 4th is a slow messy affair.


So I figured Id ask you all. Mystery, horror, action, and humor collide in this gritty urban fantasy adventure. On the plus side? But it make sense, since the spell casting skill is far more versatile than the gun skills. We essentially digitally re-master the book. I know a guy who owns both; he uses his 4. S whereas in 5th Ed it’s really well integrated.

They might still 4tg a rigger for high anniersary chases Trying to convert them to 4th or 5th is next to impossible shavowrun in you can do it, but you’re better off just redoing everything from scratch. Both editions are pretty identical in my mind. At first this special edition appears to be a rehash, a recombinant of the Shadowrun universe.

Melee weapons got buffed so you can actually have a Street Sam that shadowrun 4th edition 20th anniversary a katana and be shadowrun 4th edition 20th anniversary and kill someone with it. The only other thing to consider is price. I personally like 4th, but 5th definitely streamlines things.

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NOW 5th ed has anniversarg attention. Since you only have 1 4E book, and there’s some worthwhile supplements out for 5 now, that’s closer to the line of going 5.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. So you like the 4th ed rules, but stay in 3rd for the setting and metaplot?

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Write a customer review. This title was added to our catalog on March 12, To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here. Don’t even get me started about sustaining foci. I doubt the OP will care about that, though. I’m looking primarily at physical versions, vice PDF. Originally Posted by Shining Dragon.

But they embraced WiFi too much, by letting anyone and everyone with a Commlink become a hacker. You can’t turn invisible or fly with guns after all. I’m pretty sure that group is largely why sr4 had the level of writing and editing that it did-just look at their independent production of eclipse phase.