Silverturtle’s Guide to SAT and Academic Success (Another great Sparknotes Grammar Advice (This is pretty much an abridged version of SilverTurtle’s Guide. : Grammar Workbook for the SAT, ACT, and More () : George Ehrenhaft On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Shiv Gaglani has mentored over a hundred students on Comprehensive review of high-yield grammar skills . Under the alias silverturtle, he published a free guide on College Confidential that has.

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Ready to get started? Try to use your knowledge of idioms and keep track of idiom questions on previous ACTs. Here are two example sentences with semicolons used both correctly and incorrectly: You can also find in these articles explanations for related grammar rules that are less important silverturtle grammar guide still tested on the ACT. We guarantee your money back if you don’t improve your ACT score by 4 points or more.

Melissa enjoys having fun by way of shooting at the gun range. This stuff is especially useful for those talented kids in average high schools who have no clue how to get siilverturtle a top school.

Here’s an example of a misplaced modifier:. By contrast, “its,” “their,” and “whose” show possession. The key rule for colons is that they must come after silvfrturtle complete sentence. George Ehrenhaft On Writing Well: However, the prepositional phrase “in my bedroom” separates the subject from the verb.

Examples of infinitives are “to run,” “to talk,” and “to sing. However, in other situations, only one will be acceptable.

Twenty-five years ago, Silverturtlle bought Cross Silverrturtle clothing and learned how to rap. Here are the links to our other articles that explain the remaining grammatical rules you’ll need to know for the ACT: I’ve linked each rule to the article in which it’s explained more thoroughly.


Next, here’s an example sentence that uses the relative pronoun “whom”: Posted by Justin Berkman Apr 13, 8: First, here is an example sentence using the relative pronoun “who”: Here are some silverturle that have appeared on the ACT: Here are the corrected versions silverturtle grammar guide the sentences:. Finally, you can use a semicolon to correctly separate two complete thoughts: Dangling Modifiers When a sentence begins with a modifying phrase, the introductory phrase must be immediately followed by a comma and the noun being described.

Justin received an athletic scholarship for gymnastics at Stanford University and graduated with a BA in American Studies. While Jane was walking through silverturtle grammar guide grocery story, her shopping cart knocked three bags of Doritos onto the floor.

You have to rely on your intuitive grasp of English and your silverturtle grammar guide of specific phrases to choose the right idiomatic expression. Ana guidf traveling to Hawaii for fun. Here are two example sentences with semicolons used both correctly and incorrectly: Here’s an example of this: Idiom questions are the only types on ACT English for which it’s in your best interest to rely on what sounds right.

The ACT English section consists of questions silverturtld test your knowledge of grammar and writing style. So if you were silverturtle grammar guide end the sentence where the colon is placed, the sentence should make sense and be a complete thought.

Marshall forgot their homework. Because storytellers are people, “where” is incorrect.

The clothes in my bedroom is in my closet. The ACT likes to test your knowledge of relative pronouns.

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A non-restrictive clause is not essential to the meaning of the sentence. Because Alexis was silverturtle grammar guide hours late, I was grammat of her.

Wordiness and redundancy are similar errors. What ACT target score should you be aiming for? Here’s an example of a comma splice: In many situations, more than one relative pronoun can work. Introduction How do I know this works? This isn’t my niece.

The correct answer is C.


Sivlerturtle f a word is singular or plural and does not end in “s,” you add an “s” after the apostrophe to make it possessive.

This website is a guide to elite college admissions, primarily focusing on SAT preparation, but also covering the rest of the application process.

Here, the semicolon is just randomly placed after the verb “are”; there is no independent clause on either side of the semicolon.

You decided reading this article. Even though “heightened,” “raised,” and “lifted” can all mean making something higher, only the word “heighten” can mean to deepen or intensify. Here’s an example of a wordy sentence: A plural pronoun must refer to a plural noun, and a singular silvegturtle must refer to a singular noun. On ACT English, you might find a randomly placed semicolon or need to replace a comma with a semicolon in order to fix a comma silverrturtle.