März Das komplette SQL Tutorial gibt es auch als kostenloses PDF zum download. . Mit dem SELECT Befehl kann man Daten aus der Datenbank. Our tutorial will start with the basics of SQL, such as how to retrieve and manipulate data. Then we will move to the more advanced topics such as how to create. SQLite understands most of the standard SQL language. But it does omit some features while at the same time adding a few features of its own. This document.

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A null value is a value that is unavailable, unassigned, unknown, or inapplicable. Null Values If a row lacks the data value for a particular column, that value is said to be null, or to contain null.

Also notice that the SQL statement has the column aliases, name and salary, in lowercase, whereas the result of the query displays the column headings in uppercase.

Statements can be executed from the SQL prompt or from a script file. Column aliases are covered later in this lesson.

Notice that his commission is zero and not null. You can override the column heading display with an alias.


To illustrate the use of aliases in expressions. Place a slash on the last line in the buffer. The spaces improve the readability of the output. Do these only if you have completed all other questions within the bwfehle time and would like a further challenge to your skills. Microsoft Access Oracle Ingres Informix. Instead, enter only your username.

A clause is a part of an SQL statement. The table contains four rows, one for each department. This lesson describes all the SQL statements that you need to perform these actions. Turner, who is a salesman, does not earn any commission. Oracle SQL contains many extensions. To illustrate viewing a query containing no parentheses and executing a query with parentheses to override rules of precedence. Questions 2—4 are paper-based.

Place a slash at the SQL prompt. The second example displays the name and annual salary of all the employees.

However, if you divide a number by null, the result is a null or unknown. In the example on the slide, the department table contains three columns: Fill in username, password, and database.

Einfache SQL-Befehle Schedule: Timing Topic 40 minutes Lecture

You may need to restrict the columns that are displayed. Release Production on Mon Oct 06 Zero is a number, and a space is a character. Notice that the department numbers are repeated.


Timing Topic 40 minutes Lecture”. The example on the slide displays all the department numbers and locations from the DEPT table. You can use the projection capability in SQL to choose the columns in a table that you want returned by your query.

Query Language Understood by SQLite

Notice that the optional AS keyword has been used before the column alias name. The column headings appear in uppercase by default.

Log on to your machine. Because Annual Salary contains spaces, it has been enclosed in double quotation marks.

Einfache SQL-Befehle Schedule: Timing Topic 40 minutes Lecture – ppt herunterladen

Operator Precedence continued The example on the slide displays the name, salary, and annual compensation of employees. Keywords typically are entered in uppercase; all other words, such as table names and columns, are entered in lowercase.

FROM bestimmt welche Tabelle. To log in through a Windows environment: