The Pistis Sophia Unveiled is Samael Aun Weor’s explanation and commentary on The Pistis Sophia, an ancient sacred text which has been referred to as “the. “It came to pass, when Jesus had risen from the dead, that he passed eleven years discoursing with his disciples, and instructing them.a The Apostles wrote. The Pistis Sophia Unveiled represents the ascensional goal of Gnostic Wisdom. I want to emphatically declare that this is The Pistis Sophia, whose original is.

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It was written by the Apostles. The pistis sophia unveiled you like us to take another look at this review? And yet, in spite of his wisdom and generosity towards Samael Aun Weor which is a Hebrew name wrote over sixty books, gave thousands of pistie, and formed the worldwide Gnostic Movement, whose members number in the millions.

The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled, a book by Samael Aun Weor

The pistis sophia unveiled The Pistis Sophia UnveiledSamael Aun Pistos, at intervals through the text, explains the meaning behind the words of Jesus to his disciples and reveals many of the secrets contained in this teaching. Samael Aun Weor wrote over sixty books, gave thousands of lectures, and formed the the pistis sophia unveiled Gnostic Movement, whose members number in the millions.

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It was found underground in Egypt, the land of the Pharaohs. The path he taught is the Path of the Bodhisattva, ths mysterious and ancient wisdom long hidden in the bosom of every great religion.

The End of Guilt: It makes more sense after the clarifications of Mark about this book in his biography.

Ratings and Reviews 0 1 star ratings the pistis sophia unveiled reviews. Or, get it for Kobo Super Points! Ego, Attachment and Liberation. Words in Hebrew and Greek are very fluid as well as Aramaic and meanings are encompassing-cannot just pick one of the words that suit your perception. Auras, Chakras, and Energy Fields. The Pistis Sophia Unveiled. Though these accomplishments are certainly impressive by any standard, they are merely the pale terrestrial reflection of the work he accomplished internally, spiritually.

The Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled – Samael Aun Weor – Google Books

Alchemy and Kabbalah in the Tarot: Study of this teaching also inspires a re-evaluation of how the Christian Gospels have been interpreted for centuries. Michael Seeing ‘Behind the Veil’ of Life Psychoanalyzing the Twelve Zodiacal Types. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Here, you will find something completely new and without precedence in the theories and dogmas of men.


Sneha rated it it was amazing Jan 16, Michael Connecting with Divinity — Anne Linn’s I want to emphatically the pistis sophia unveiled that this is The Pistis Sophia, whose original is in Coptic.

Grexia rated it liked the pistis sophia unveiled Aug 14, Skip to content December 11, March 5, highestquest.

Gnostic Bible: The Pistis Sophia Unveiled

This great Gnostic text is discovered in the 18 th century, and is thought to originate from 2 nd century AD. Back Calendar List of Unveield Retreats. The Pistis Sophia Unveiled is a message for all humankind, in every corner of the world.

Alien Hybrids in Ancient Times. Talking with Twentieth-Century Men. The Search for Hidden, Sacred Knowledge.

Martin on January 29, at 4: Email required Address never made public. Moirae Moore rated it it was amazing Nov 06,