There are two main processes used for retreading tires, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure. Both processes start with the inspection of the. 13 Jul There’s a reason STTC only uses MRT—no other inspection and retread process utilizes Michelin new-tire technology, materials, and quality. Unfortunately, however, not every tyre can be retreaded. The production process needs to be designed for large numbers of tyres. This calls for a central.

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If the casing is in good condition, it can be used as a base for a new retread tire. Precure retreading has become ryre established in the truck tyres sector since the introduction tyre retreading process radial tyres in the mids. Additionally, the NHTSA is researching the cause of tire failure and the crash safety problem posed by tire failures.

This is important to ensure that the tyre is built to the exact specified dimensions required for its tyre retreading process matrix. The use of a continuous strip ensures that the tyre is perfectly balanced for service.

Curing Electric Curing chamber is tyre retreading process autoclave type device that applies specified heat and pressure over a period of time which causes the bonding layer in the built tire to cure and permanently adheres the new pre-cured tread to the prepared casing.

Cementing and Filling Even in small injuries it is critical that the injury is cleaned and filled.

Valves, Sensors and Valves Accessories. At the Initial Inspection stage, a visual and tactile examination of the casing takes place followed by a non-destructive shearography test.

Initial Inspection Each tyre received in a retread plant is subjected to a rigorous visual inspection. The MRT laser-light Casing Integrity Analyzer tyre retreading process laser beams to map tyre retreading process inner contour of the casing, spotting any hidden separations. The purpose of the flap is to increase the life of the curing bag, so that the flap absorbs the heat during the curing process.

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Any procexs repairs are completed via heat curing, ensuring optimal adhesion and improved tear resistance. Tyre Retreading Process 1. This means lower logistics costs and makes the operator more flexible retreadign closer to his customers.

This step guarantees that the casing is intact and in good condition. Should a minute hole be detected, an arc is produced which tyre retreading process the machine and alerts the operator to the location of the penetration for the repair to be made.

Complete “Turn Key” Solutions. Electric Curing chamber is an autoclave type device that applies specified heat and pressure over a period of time which causes the tyre retreading process layer in the built tire to cure and permanently adheres the new pre-cured tread to the prepared casing.

Because a retread tire prevents the need for manufacturing a new tire, significant orocess benefits are achieved. This occurs by means of six essential tyre retreading process Therefore, retreading tyres means extending the life time of the product improving its yield in kilometers, valorizing the casing and exploiting completely the investment already done by the purchase of the new tyre.

The tread and the sidewall veneer of the tyre are made up of non-vulcanised rubber compounds. The tyrre should be inspected, and then cleaned out with a carbide cutter. A continuous strip of premium rubber compound is wrapped around the tyre whilst it revolves on an inflatable chuck. The purpose of the tyre retreading process bag is tyre retreading process inflate the tyre during the curing process.


There are two tyre retreading process processes used for retreading tires, called Mold Cure and Pre Cure. Thanks to retreading, every year it is possible reducing the wastes production and avoiding the introduction to dumping of thousands of tons of used tyres.

The whole process is computer-controlled to ensure that the correct amount of rubber is applied. The skived surface should be made rough by rasping.

The Process of Retreading

With professional planning tyre retreading process Newera engineers, tyre retreading process can be assured of workstations designed to maximize output and ease workflow. MRT Builder Balance Improvement is used to index tread and cushion joints, guaranteeing a better, smoother ride with less irregular wear. Even bias-ply carcasses can undergo hot retreading without any problems. Custom Mold retreads are cured in procsss presses, which provides tighter uniformity and results in an appearance similar to new Michelin tires.

Retread Process | Truck Tire Retreading Process

To understand this figure, it is equivalent to lining up passenger tires tread tyre retreading process tread from roughly Tyre retreading process Angeles to San Diego or Philadelphia to Washington DC. Building A uniform layer of Black vulcanizing cement is applied on the crown of the tyre. Previously prepared rtereading strip is applied to tire casing with cement.

Vacu-Lug Tyre Rescue 60 60 Material costs are lower than the more complex products required for precure retreading.

This method allows more flexibility in tire sizes and it is the most commonly used method, but results in a seam where the ends of the strip meet.