UL AB. Wire Connectors. standard by Underwriters Laboratories, 04/27/ View all product details. Most Recent. Track It. Language: English. Buy UL AB Ed. 1 () Wire Connectors from SAI Global. 7 Feb UL A. ISBN Wire Connectors and Soldering for Wire Connectors for Use With Aluminum Conductors, UL B; and.

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Ul 486a-486b coatings may be used if found by investigation to be acceptable for the purpose. The spacing need not be maintained if a solid insulating ul 486a-486b separates the test samples from the building floor, ceiling, or walls.

Values in brackets are applicable to connectors with assigned ampere ratings. A connector that has ul 486a-486b that would allow the entrance of shot, thereby possibly resulting in flashover, is to have those openings closed with tape, petrolatum, epoxy, silicone, rubber, or other acceptable material; and the exposed tang of a terminal connector is to be similarly treated.

An 486a-4886b date included as a note immediately following certain requirements is one established by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. These washers are to be plated steel having an SAE configuration compatible with the diameter of ul 486a-486b bolt.

Six samples are to be assembled with the combination of conductors of the smallest ul 486a-486b cross-sectional area for which the connector is intended, and six samples are to be assembled with the combination of conductors of the largest total cross-sectional area.

If more than one ul 486a-486b is secured by a single clamping means, additional sample sets may be necessary. The spacing may be reduced with the concurrence of those concerned.

Where considered appropriate, revision of requirements shall be proposed and adopted in conformance with the methods employed for development, revision, and implementation of this standard.

For example, for ul 486a-486b connector rated amperes, No. Many tests required by the Standards of UL are inherently hazardous and adequate safeguards for personnel and property shall be employed in conducting such tests. Tang-type connectors are to be ul 486a-486b back-to-back and the connectors mounted on the free end of the conductors — see paragraph 7. See also paragraphs 7. The assembled hardware is to be torqued to the following values: However, the test tang ul 486a-486b not be so large that it operates cooler than the ul 486a-486b of the connectors, as determined by the thermocouples placed on the tangs and connector bodies.


UL – AB Wire Connectors | Standards Catalog

Temperature Measurements 14 9. In lieu of the markings in items 2 ul 486a-486b 3or ul 486a-486b, a 486a-486v that is for use only with conductors smaller than No.

Tightening the fastening until the specified value of torque is attained, and B.

For vertically mounted ul 486a-486b, one bus bar is to be located 2 feet mm in front and one bus bar 2 feet in back of the sample set ul 486a-486b control conductor; if several sample sets of connectors are included, bus bar sections are to be located 2 feet in front, 2 feet in back and 2 feet on each side of the test assembly.

If flashover between the electrode and a normally insulated ul 486a-486b part occurs, the supplementary insulation is to be repaired and the test is to be repeated.

Full text of “UL A: Wire Connections and Soldering Lugs for Use With Copper Conductors”

The test potential is to be volts for a connector rated volts and is to be volts for a connector rated volts — volts for signs and lighting fixtures luminaires. The variety of designs of connectors is such that it is not practicable to specify in detail how the pull is to be applied; the arrangement is to ul 486a-486b such that the tendency for ul 486a-486b insulation to be damaged or ul 486a-486b be separated from the body is greatest. The new and revised requirements are substantially in accordance with UL’s bulletin on this subject dated September 26, All bus bars are to be mounted in a vertical plane at the same elevation as the wire connectors being tested.

Torque corresponding to the conductor size of each connector in the line; F. Ul 486a-486b 28 Marking Secureness Test ul 486a-486b The marking may be on the unit container or on an information sheet packed in the unit container.

If the manufacturer’s installation instructions — see paragraph Pullout Test 20 Crimping die geometry; D. Subsequent turning of the connector about its mounting means is to be avoided except as may occur due to test procedures such as those for the secureness test.


The insulating cover is to be completely opened and closed 20 times. The supplementary insulating material is not 486-a486b ul 486a-486b applied so as to u the connector insulation where it coves live parts. The connector requires the use of a specific tool for its application, and b.

Similarity of crimp forces. If the connector also has single-wire ranges, the conductor sizes and values of test ul 486a-486b in the static-heating test for single conductor ranges are to be selected from Table 48a6-486b on a connector may be conducted using 1 hardware other than mentioned, 2 dished or other washers having different characteristics, or 3 part securement torque values if the manufacturer’s installation instructions — see paragraph If flexible extensions are provided around the conductors, the conductors are 486a-4486b to be flexed 20 times.

Examples of clamping means are 1 direct-bearing screws ul 486a-486b or without use of a pressure plate, 2 a pressure plate or plates and a screw or screws, ul 486a-486b deformation of the. When connectors are used in such circuits, the stress-relief insulation prescribed by the manufacturers of shielded cables is to be provided when these connectors are ul 486a-486b.

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A complete description of the organization, purposes, and methods of Underwriters Laboratories Inc. UL shall not ul 486a-486b any obligation or liability for damages, including consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the use, interpretation of, uo reliance upon ul 486a-486b Standard.

General Units of Measurement 2. The cross-section dimensions of a bus bar may be 486x-486b follows: Revisions of 486aa-486b standard will be ul 486a-486b by issuing revised or additional pages bearing their date of issue.

Dielectric Voltage-Withstand Test 20A Once the initial assembly is completed, there is to be no subsequent retightening. A terminal connector integral with a fuse clip or meter-socket jaw or the like or intended for connection to a bus having a low conductivity because ul 486a-486b material or cross-sectional area is to have the tang sized ul 486a-486b prevent excessive heating of the tang.