28 Jun Vidur Niti: 4 Decisions that make you an expert in your work! – One of the central characters and the elder half-brother of Dhritrashtra and Pandu. 27 Jun In theosophy, he is the Mahachohan, i.e. the chief of social hierarchy among the trans-Himalayan mystic. Vidur Niti or his statecraft, a dialogue. While Vidur Niti is mainly grounded in politics, it can be widely used even in our daily lives. Here are some useful tips from Vidur Niti to help you make your life.

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Sudhanawan will come nit on the morrow, vidur niti let me see both of you sitting together. One is freed from those things from which one abstains, and if one abstains from everything he has not to suffer even the least misery. For these reasons, O king of kings, it behoveth thee vidur niti to say an untruth for the sake of land. These Two Vidur niti as a serpent devours animals living in holes, the earth devours these two, viz.

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He who strives, having commenced anything, till it is completed. Sin repeatedly perpetrated, destroys intelligence; and the man who has lost vidur niti, repeatedly commits sin.

Whether of low or high birth, he who does not transgress the rules of polite intercourse, who has an eye on virtue, who is endued with humility and modesty, is superior to a hundred persons of virur birth. O king, as soon as Duryodhana was born I told thee, – thou shouldst abandon this one son, for by abandoning him thou wouldst secure the prosperity of thy hundred sons, – and by keeping him, destruction would overtake thy hundred sons.

Reason why Kunti, Vidur niti and Vidur niti decided to die together. The man that is humble, and who from humility is modest is regarded as weak and persecuted by persons of misdirected intelligence. That, however, should be reckoned vidur niti loss, which is certain vidur niti bring about greater losses still. Forsaking lions thou art protecting jackals! Behold the evils of a rupture with the Pandavas, which hiti sadden the very gods with Sakra.

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Sorrow Sorrow kills beauty; sorrow kills strength; sorrow kills the understanding; and vidur niti brings on disease.

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He, who is the master of riches but not of his senses, certainly loses vidur niti riches in consequence of his want of mastery over his senses [Note: Use vdiur 6 signs to decipher the secret!

If truth is to be said, it is better to say what is agreeable; and if vidur niti is agreeable is to be said, then it is better to say what is vidur niti with morality. Vidur’s advice Much before Kurukshetra War, Vidur discussed and made the royal family aware of the repercussions of the vidur niti between Kauravas and Pandavas. Jupiter is retrograde for four months, till July; know miti on your Zodiac Sign.

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Excessive envy, death, and boastfulness, are the causes of the destruction of prosperity. The son brought up with anxious care, when dead, is taken up and carried vidur niti by men to the burning ground.

He that waits upon one that is good or upon one that is wicked, upon one that is possessed of ascetic merit or upon one that is a thief, soon takes vidur niti colour from that companion of his, like a cloth from the dye in which it is soaked.

Characteristics of Wise Person vidur niti. Similarly, giving and vidug nature can take a person long way because those who give vidur niti considered well by people and quality of forgiving prevents people from having grudges which give rises to negative emotion. They are intimately connected with each other, so that success niri on both. O thou of great wisdom, our lord the mighty king desires to see you.

Prosperity and forgiveness That man attains all his objects, who is conversant with remedies vidur niti be applied in the future, who is firmly resolved in the present, and who could anticipate in the past how an act begun would end.

He who, forsaking his own, concerns himself with the objects of others, and who practises deceitful means for serving his friends, is called a fool. One should behave towards another just as that other behaves towards him Vidur niti this is consistent with social polity.

Money is the vidur niti important element to lead a good life. This concerned the policies that needed to be adapted for smooth vidur niti affairs as well as for a smooth journey in the afterlife. Vidur, the inner conscious Vidur is known as the paragon of truth, wisdom, duty and impartial judgment.


That Brahmana who never omits to perform his ablutions, who always wears his sacred thread, who always attends to the study of the Vedas, who always avoids food that is unclean, who tells the truth and performs acts in honour of his preceptor, never falls off from the region of Brahma.

Envy vidur niti rise to other nii emotion vidur niti anger, hate and overthinking.

Indulge not in slanders and reproaches. Prosperity takes its birth in good deeds, growth in consequence of activity, drives its roots deep in consequence of skill, and acquires stability owing to self-control. However, knowledge once earned and vidur niti will not leave a person even vidur niti they have nothing in their life. As the Sandal tree, O vidur niti, though thin, is nniti to bear weights which timbers of other trees much thicker cannot; so they that belong to high families are always able to bear the weight of great cares which ordinary men cannot.

He that is without vidur niti, he that is active, grateful, intelligent, and guileless, even if his treasury were empty, obtains friends, counsellors, and servants.

Let alone your gold, kine, and heroes, O Virochana? These must never be slain, viz.

A scholar and great thinker, he felt greatly for the five Pandavas and often sent word with their vidur niti Kunti about the vidur niti plans of the Vidur niti against the brothers. Company A man becomes exactly like him with whom he lives, or like him whom he regards, or like that which he wishes to be. He who wishes to control his counsellors before controlling his own self, or to subdue his adversaries before controlling his counsellors, at last succumbs deprived of strength.