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The squaha used to indicate that an otherwise good service or return has struck the floor before reaching the front wall, or has struck the board or tin before striking the floor.

An alternative version without changes highlighted is available on request from WSF. In order to prevent one player from gaining an unfair rest interval through a change of equipment, the Referee, before allowing a player to leave the court to make the change, shall be satisfied that there has indeed zasady gry w squasha a material deterioration of the equipment.

The Referee shall consider whether the opponent was crowding and not allowing freedom to play the ball in deciding whether to allow a let or to award a stroke.

In response to an appeal zasady gry w squasha Referee shall: In that case the Referee shall correct the score and the Marker shall repeat the corrected score. It is the responsibility of the player to ensure that the quality of the product worn is satisfactory for the purpose. To indicate that the service is a fault.

Application of the Conduct Stroke becomes the result of the zasady gry w squasha. As there squashx many changes a detailed summary would be too long. Award game and allow second interval between games.

The Official calls the play and the score as Marker and answers appeals as Referee. To advise that the player or team named is being awarded a squaha.

A service in which the ball is considered to have struck the front wall and a side wall simultaneously is zasady gry w squasha good and is called “fault”.

squash, kluby, kort, przepisy gry, turnieje, kort, rakiety

zasady gry w squasha This requires that the Referee implement the rules fairly for zasady gry w squasha players throughout the match. The ball being hit by the racquet, held in the hand, not more than once and without prolonged contact on the racquet. To indicate that the game in progress is to be played to ten points after the score has reached 8-all called once only in any game.


Was the interference minimal? Where faster speeds of ball are produced they may vary from the diameter and weight in the above specification of a standard yellow dot squash ball.

May be accompanied by an explanation. This Appendix provides a brief description of it. Striker can hold the shot and ask for a let.

– Oficjalne zasady gry w wersji angielskiej

Interference continued top of next column To indicate that the server has become the receiver, i. The zasady gry w squasha, on winning a rally, scores a point; the receiver, on winning a rallyzasady gry w squasha the server. When play has stopped as a result of interference the general guidelines are: The time allowed, immediately preceding the start of play, for the players to prepare themselves on the match court and to warm the ball to playing condition.

The definition of “Attempt” makes it clear that even a fake swing of the racquet zasady gry w squasha feint at the ball is an attempt, but racquet preparation comprising only backswing with no racquet movement towards the ball is not an attempt.

The Rule numbers in brackets in each heading refer to the full Rules. After the server delivers a good service, the players return the ball alternately until one fails to make a good return, the ball otherwise ceases to be in play in accordance with the rules, a player appeals, or the Marker or Referee makes a call.

The players zasady gry w squasha appeal against Rule 17 decisions. G9 Timing of Appeals. In all cases the Referee ssquasha make the decision. However, on some occasions, it may be appropriate to explain the decision to the players. If the striker, while turning, stops play for fear of striking the opponent, then a let is played. To advise a player of an offence committed under Rule 17 and that the Referee has awarded a game to the opponent.


G16 Progression of Penalties.

– Zasady gry w squasha (english)

zasady gry w squasha Coaching of players is permitted only during the interval between games. To advise a player of an offence committed under Rule 17 and that the Referee is giving a warning. Play shall then resume on the direction of the Referee, or by ww consent of the players, whichever is earlier.

If self-inflicted, the injured player is allowed 3 minutes to recover and must then play on, or concede a game using the 90 second rest period between games to recover. Opponent-inflicted Apply Rule The Referee need not zazady a decision unless the Marker fails to squashha a call. The Zasady gry w squasha performs all the duties the Marker and Referee traditionally do in standard officiating.

Such balls will be deemed for the purposes of this specification to be yellow dot squash balls. Did the opponent make every effort to avoid interference?

Stroke not awarded in the case of excessive swing. This sqhasha frequently occurs after the ball has hit the side wall and the front wall simultaneously and then rebounds into the middle of the court. If the return would have been good and the ball would have struck the front wall without first touching any other wall, the striker wins the rally, provided the striker did not “turn”. Zasady gry w squasha World Squash Federation may from time to time request or authorize its members to carry out certain rules experiments.

As used by the PSA. If interference occurs then the provisions of Rule 12 apply.