Tim Avery, CEO

Tim is a web developer who combines his programming skills with excellent understanding of the world of hosting – he knows the importance (and difficulty) of choosing the right hosting platform and provider better than anyone. Thanks to years of building and installing websites, Tim is familiar with all kinds of hosting solutions, for large enterprises and individuals alike.

When he’s not glued to his computer, Tim volunteers in his local animal shelter and works on developing his signature vegan dinner menu.

About dedicatedhosting.pro

There are hundreds of hosting reviews websites out there. Great, right? Well, not really. Most of those websites are more interested in catering to their clients’ expectations than writing genuine reviews. Whether the hosting company is great or awful, it still gets rave reviews. That’s why we created dedicatedhosting.pro – we don’t like the idea of creating fake reviews at the expense of people looking for a good hosting company. We couldn’t lie even if we wanted to: our reviews are written by actual people on social media. Whether the review is positive or negative is not up to us. All we can do is decide which aspect of hosting service the comment refers to. This way we can gather and present a whole spectrum of information – and help you choose the best hosting provider to suit your needs.